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Archive for 'Organizational Culture'

How to Be the Boss that Employees Love

Happy, motivated and engaged employees are at the heart of any successful business. When an employee is fully engaged with their job and enjoys the work that they do, they will be much more likely to care about the success of the business as a whole, and this will reflect in their work. On the […]

Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution (Infographic)

Contributed article in our business series. (Originally posted here.) Enjoy! – Kimberly Back in 1990 barely anyone classed themselves as a freelancer or telecommuter. Sure there were independent contractors, but computers and the internet were almost exclusively an office based phenomenon, and those that did have cell phones could literally only make phone calls. When AOL […]

The Stories We Tell: Creating and Perpetuating Your Corporate DNA

(Originally posted on projectconnections.com) Recently, several of my clients have become extremely interested in exploring what they call their “corporate DNA.” At first I resisted, because I was concerned that this metaphor implied that they were incapable of changing. But for the most part, this model is being used to explore the unique identity of […]

What is Design Thinking? A Powerful Methodology for Projects, but NOT “Thinking About Design”!

(Originally posted on projectconnections.com) Why do simple and effective approaches to getting things done often become obscured by jargon? For example, way back in the last century when I worked at HP we experienced big changes in the business environment.  Although layoffs are common at HP these days, back then everyone I knew believed that HP had […]

How to Lead Effectively. Video Blog 3 by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)

How can you lead effectively when you’re promoted? You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so use them in that ratio! Start by listening, collaboratively set clear goals, and work together as a real team, not just a group of people jockeying for position, power and status. Check out Kimberly’s 1 minute view on this. […]

The Difference Between Leadership and Management. Video Blog 2 by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)

How is leadership different from management? The cynical answer is “Lead people, manage cows.” People don’t want to be managed. Kimberly shares her scrappy view in this 1 minute video. * Thanks to Japjot Sethi of Gloopt for making this professional video! by

Confront the Brutal Facts by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)

(This article was originally published on www.svprojectmanagement.com) Scrappy Project Management Mindset Series – Part 3 of 4. If you’re going to lead projects to success you’ve gotta have a powerful mindset that supports you. This week I’ll share some mindset medicine that will keep you scrappy. – Kimberly by

Japan Tragedy – Impossible Becomes Possible by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)

(This article was originally published on www.svprojectmanagement.com) Here’s another article in this series where I squeeze meaning out of seemingly purposeless tragedy. by

It’s Just Lunch – Asking an Executive to Mentor You by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)

(This article was originally published on www.svprojectmanagement.com) Some of the best mentoring I’ve ever received is from executives. Even when I was a mere pawn in the corporate chess game I longed to understand the game from the view of the king. Working in the basement of the building which is now the Facebook headquarters, […]

Meaningless Meetings by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)

(This article is first published in Japan in the English Journal by my agent ALC Global Leadership and Talent Development Division.) QUESTION:  “My whole day is an endless string of attending meaningless meetings, which are a complete waste of time. Help!” by