Past Speaking Engagements and Publications

Keizai Society – “The Future of Japan – Seclusion in Paradise, Slide into Irrelevance, or Global Leader?”  Panel discussion with Kimberly advocating “Japan leading in Asia FOR the World”.

The above panel discussion, and the video below, are examples of Kimberly’s engaging and irreverent style.  Her “tell it like it is” approach makes an impact that changes thinking, behavior and results.

Global Leadership

Becoming a Truly Global Human Being - I’m thrilled to have been invited to share this topic as the kickoff keynote speaker for the PMI Silicon Valley 2012 Annual Symposium.

Globalization in today’s world is rapid and inescapable. Many projects these days involve geographically dispersed teams comprised of members from a wide variety of countries and cultures. While language barriers, decision-making style, and time zones are well-recognized challenges, the positive benefits of global teams continue to drive this trend. As Dr. Deming once said “No one has to change. Survival is optional.”

How prepared are you to participate in this global revolution? What can you do to meet these exciting challenges successfully? While web-based team collaboration tools and ‘the cloud’ hold promise, no team collaboration tool can make up for a lack of trust and understanding among human beings. The airplane remains the single most effective tool for distributed project teams.

Becoming ‘global minded’ is a 21st century survival skill, but what does it mean and how can you achieve it? This lively and engaging keynote will provoke your thinking and broaden your horizons with statistics, stories, and personal insights gained from experience working with people from over 50 different countries. You’ll leave with a few more handy tools in your global project team toolbox as well as a keener sense of what it means to be a truly global human being.

Women in Business

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Need a dose of “scrappiness”? In this 6.5 minute video interview Kimberly rants about how to be a scrappy businesswoman and why you don’t need everyone to like you!

KEYNOTE: This lively and engaging event will inspire you with facts, trends, and true stories of scrappy businesswomen who overcame the negative voices around, and sometimes within, them to create extraordinary lives. You’ll hear of great examples of gracious but determined women in business – resilient professionals who ignored the easy path, didn’t take no for an answer, and frequently swam against the tide to achieve success. We all need a little help sometimes. If you’ve ever had one of those days when your co-workers seemed to grow horns, or you were tempted to sink into the icy couch of despair, this event will help buoy your spirits and realize that you’re not alone. If you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll find some of your own journey reflected here. And if you’re just starting out, the wisdom shared will save you a whole lot of time and aggravation. Invited speaker to “Networking Entrepreneurial Women of Marin” 2012.

AUDIO INTERVIEW: This audio interview with Kimberly describes what it means to be a scrappy woman in business. “Kimberly shares the stories of several scrappy women and how they overcame obstacles and achieved success. She points out the important lesson that bending the established rules of business isn’t breaking the law, and why rule bending is often essential to profitability. Kimberley points out the lessons to be learned from each of the scrappy women’s stories, and how their accomplishments can help others move forward in business and in their industry. Both practical and inspirational, Kimberly’s advice is timeless and effective for scrappy women everywhere.”

Management and Inspirational

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