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Templates and Examples

Great News!  Want to use some of the project management templates Kimberly uses?  Now some of them are available for you to download to help assist each project's transition from from wretched chaos to sanity and ultimate glory.

Want more tips and humorous stories on how to use these?  They are right here in Kimberly's book Scrappy Project Management Because life is too short for projects to suck.

All files except the Team Organization Chart are in a format supported by both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice (free download). In the case you are missing an office suite, there are also PDF files, readable by Adobe Reader or other PDF reading applications.

Clear Goals

  • One Page Project Summary

    • Charter Example (DOC) (PDF)

    • Charter Template (DOC) (PDF)

  • Success Scorecard

    • Scorecard Example (XLS) (PDF)

    • Scorecard Template (XLS) (PDF)

Clear Roles

  • Team Organization Chart

    • Core Team Example 1 (VSD) (JPG)

    • Core Team Example 2 (VSD) (JPG)

    • Core Team Example 3 (VSD) (JPG)

  • Responsibility Allocation Matrix

    • Responsibility Example (DOC) (PDF)


  • Action Item Tracking List

    • Action Item List Example & Template (XLS) (PDF)

Change Management

  • Change Tracking List

    • Change Management Example (XLS) (PDF)


  • High level Timeline

    • Swimlane Timeline (PPT) (PDF)
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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