10 Tips and Tricks for Making Yourself More Likeable

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Getting along with others is an important skill.

While it is not always easy to make yourself more likeable, there are certain techniques you can try that may help. Using such techniques can assist you in making friends and may even help your career as well. Why not read this article to get the top tips, apply them and then try a short likeability test such as this to gauge your progress?

Be a Good Listener

Listening well is just as crucial as speaking well. When someone speaks to you, give them your full attention. Be an active listener. Make it clear that they mean something to you. 

Let People Talk About Themselves

Allow others to talk to you about themselves. People enjoy the opportunity to convey things about themselves such as their background, likes and dislikes and views of the current political scene.

Be Empathetic 

Empathy is a quality that helps you both be more likeable and feel more likeable as well.

Try to see the world from the viewpoint of others. When you can demonstrate compassion, you will feel better and you will find it easier to make friends.

Tap into Other People for Knowledge

Nearly everyone is an expert at something, be it Persian cats, ancient Greek or how to make the perfect chicken soup. Let people demonstrate how much they know to you and in turn they will find you more likeable. Adding your own knowledge as well can help you forge a common path.

Find Your Common Interests

When you tap into other people for knowledge, you can often find common interests. You might discover that someone also shares your interests in historical fiction or travel to Africa. People tend to find others more likeable when they realise how much they like the same things.

Tell a Secret About Yourself

Letting your hair down just a bit can help create bonds between people. Tell someone a small secret about yourself. It doesn’t have to be something big. Reveal that you have a step-sibling most people don’t know about or your secret dream is to write a novel. People appreciate when others let their guard just a bit and show something private about themselves.

Consider Being a Mirror

Mirroring is the act of deciding to imitate what another person is doing with their body. If they are moving their left hand or running their fingers through their hair while talking, consider doing the same thing. This can help put people at ease and make them feel more comfortable around you.

Be as Positive as Possible

Those with an optimistic outlook in life can make friends easier. People who see the world as a positive and welcoming place are people who will tend to be more likeable.

When you get a reputation as someone who sees the good in everything, people will want to seek out your company and be with you. A true smile rather than a smirk can also help anyone reach out to others successfully.

Let Others Gripe to You

While being positive can be a great way to help you be more likeable, letting yourself and others gripe as well can be just as healthy. Letting people let off steam to you about work or about a difficult relationship can also help you make friends and be thought of as someone people find highly likeable.

Be Yourself 

Perhaps the best way to make yourself more likeable is to be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be who you are and be it well. Show yourself of humor, your love of cooking – your happy thoughts. Be who you are and you will find it easy to be as likeable as possible.

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