3 Content Marketing Techniques You Should Use to Increase Traffic

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If you’re struggling to generate traffic (and leads) for your website, content marketing is your best bet. Not only that content marketing is cost-effective but it generates 3x more leads as compared to outbound marketing.

If you can write and create original new content on your own, then that means you won’t have to pay anyone for content marketing. That is great news! You’ll have full control of your strategy; you’ll be able to write your own content, distribute it, promote it, and drive traffic to your website (and converting that traffic into qualified leads).

If you’re new to content marketing don’t worry, we have your back. We’ve designed the following techniques to help you succeed, even if you are a complete beginner.

1) Start a blog

Don’t have a blog yet? Create one because there isn’t any better way to do content marketing than having your own blog.

Yes, do people still read blogs and your blog posts will be read too as long as you publish quality content.

The purpose of a blog is to publish informative and educational content that your audience will read. It’s like helping people with content. Once your content starts helping readers, they’re more likely to become your customers.

That’s how it works. It is all about trust and credibility.

Importantly, the articles you publish on your blog will help you rank in search results for your primary keywords. The more content you have on your blog, the better. Because you can target several keywords and drive organic traffic to your blog.

It is all about the content that you create and how helpful it is.

2) Repurpose content

Repurposing content refers to converting content into different forms and re-publishing it another format. You can convert a blog post into a video and publish it on YouTube and Facebook.

Content repurposing lets you reach a wider audience without creating new content. You just have to change the format of the content. It’s a great marketing strategy.

There are several ways to repurpose content that you create for your blog.

  • Create an eBook and share it with your readers.
  • Convert blog posts into videos.
  • Create short snippets from your blog posts and share them on social media.
  • Create an infographic from all the research you do over the years to create content for your blog.

Content repurposing is a great content marketing technique that doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You can easily change the format using free tools.

3) Guest blog

Guest blogging is an amazing technique to get your content published on other people’s blogs with a backlink to your blog. It’s an awesome way to build trust and authority.

It refers to publishing content on another blog that you don’t own. This provides you with an opportunity to link back to your blog or website.

You get a backlink which improves your blog’s search engine ranking.

Besides, you get a chance to send direct traffic to your blog via your guest post. If readers like your guest blog, they will visit your blog to read more awesome content.

It’s an easy way to grow your blog and improve the ranking of your own blog.


Content marketing works. The only requirement is that your content has to be valuable and informative. The purpose of content marketing is to enlighten your readers, build trust, and generate leads. If you publish great content, you’ll get traffic and leads without a doubt. Just give it time.

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