3 Things That Digital Agencies Don’t Tell You About Your Marketing Budget

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4814995807_86e74a6dae_oDigital agencies are service providers. Just as all service providers out there, you will find that many of them have things that they do not want you to know about the work that is done for you. While a certain degree of transparency has to exist, this does not actually mean that you will be told everything. Many digital agencies hide things from you and it is really important that you consider the following facts.

Sometimes Services Are Outsourced

You pay a specific company to take care of your digital marketing needs. Some of those that you find online will not actually do the work. They will act as an intermediary. That is usually the case when dealing with really large agencies, those that have offices in many places. Their prices are a lot higher than the small firms and they get clients because of the reputation they have.

It is important that you keep in touch with the person that manages your campaign. Make sure that the work is done by the company that you actually hire. While you would end up making the most with your Facebook marketing budget, you would end up overpaying. Wouldn’t it be better to simply work with the small company since the same job is done?

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Not All Social Networks Are Appropriate

A number of promotion channels used are included in many packages that are offered by digital agencies. What agencies do not tell you is that not all of them may be appropriate. To put it simply, you may not need some of the social media profiles that are included in a package. The best example is LinkedIn. You are told that you need a LinkedIn page, but that is not always the case. If you look at how beginners act on LinkedIn, you quickly notice that most users do not look for jobs. You can find good people on the network, and there are advantages to using it, but if you only need local staff you will not need it.

Make sure that the package offered includes social media packages that you actually need. Do not be afraid to ask why you should have a specific page. You can take out some of the networks and get more done on the profiles that really count.

Daily Blog Posting Is Not Always Necessary

If you take a look at Blog For Web and many other specialized blogs, you will notice the fact that posts are not appearing as often as some agencies recommend. The idea is quite simple. Having less posts sometimes helps you more since more time can be invested in promoting what is written. At the same time, the content that is developed is usually better. When posts are written daily, the quality is usually not as high as it could be.

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