4 Small Businesses with Simple Propositions

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Life can get a bit chaotic — between holding down jobs and caring for families there’s scant time to decode complex marketing messages. So clear and concise marketing is the most effective way to let customers know exactly what your business does — fast. Research proves that 62 per cent of customers are prepared to pay more for a simple experience and 61 per cent will recommend a brand if it has a clear proposition that saves them time. And big hitters like Aldi, Ikea and Amazon have built powerful reputations based on a core ethos of simplicity that informs their customer service, products and services. But smaller businesses also punch above their weight when it comes to clear offerings that solve everyday problems perfectly.

Here are four small businesses with simple propositions that customer love.


The ritual of unboxing is particularly pleasurable for sneaker freaks — nothing’s more exciting than the tactile thrill of holding a new pair of sparkling box fresh sports shoes you’ve had your eye on for ages. But unless you’re a serious collector with the discipline to stack them neatly in your cupboard untouched, they’ll soon get bashed and stained with daily wear. And that’s where sneakrcleanr comes into its element. Just click online to choose from cleaning services ranging from ‘standard’ to ‘diamond’, drop your sneaks off at the shop and they’re delivered back to your door looking brand new. If you have a whole wardrobe full of neglected shoes they even offer a convenient pickup service. Customers love a business that does exactly what it says it will.


Even the most accomplished party hosts can run out of alcohol when a party’s in full swing. And no-one likes the disappointment of earlier than expected departures. But British businesses like Booze Up and hungryhouse deliver beer to households 24 hours a day, capturing customers lost to supermarkets that can only sell drinks during restricted hours. Some of these delivery services offer food, too — making hunger pangs in the wee small hours a thing of the past. If you live in a town where people like to socialise then this type of business could be very lucrative.


Every house-proud homeowner wants to keep their carpets clean without necessarily asking guests to remove their shoes in the hallway — so domestic doormats are found on millions of front steps around the world. The Mat Factory meets this demand with a twist by offering customers the chance to order custom-sized mats in a range of finishes that can also be customised with any message. So you can order a product with your family name or favourite motto or design a bespoke gift for friends and family. Taking a slightly different approach to a simple proposition can sometimes separate you from the competition.

Home-cooked meals

Food Fix Kitchen meets the demands of busy customers with a personalised service that leaves their fridges full of healthy and nutritious meals that last all week. So there’s no need to order unhealthy food when you’re too tired to cook and you’ll save cash in the long-term by eating out less often. The company also arranges cooking parties and provides private chefs who have expertise in specialist diets. These four businesses prove that small and simple propositions hit the nail on the head in terms of customer satisfaction and profitability.

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