4 Ways To Transform Your Team From Good To Great

Contributed article in our leadership series. Enjoy! – Kimberly

Being the boss is a difficult task that takes hard work and dedication. Maybe you’re someone who’s been struggling to keep your team motivated, or simply want your staff to try harder.

Telling them what to do and how they can be better doesn’t always work. You need a plan in place for transforming your team from good to great and allowing them to showcase their true talents in the workplace. While it’s going to take a little extra work on your part, it’ll be worth it in the end when they’re going above and beyond and surprising you with their improved outputs.

Never Stop Challenging Them

Rewards are great, but you also need to provide your employees with work that makes them think and use their skills. One way to shake up your normal routine is to challenge your team to breaking free from one of the many life-sized Escape Rooms. They’ll need to work together to solve mysteries and puzzles and won’t get anywhere unless they’re communicating and coming together as a team. Put them to the test inside and outside the office, and you’ll soon see each of them truly start to shine.

Listen to Their Suggestions

Given the fact that you’re the boss and may have the most experience, it’ll be tempting to tell your staff members what to do. However, avoid being a micromanager and always giving orders if you want to see them truly succeed. Instead, back off a bit and focus on becoming a better listener, hearing them out about their ideas and suggestions for operating more smoothly. This way they’ll feel more engaged and like they’re making a difference in the business as a whole.

Be an Excellent Leader & Role Model

Transform your team from good to great by being a strong leader and role model for those you’re managing. They’re looking up to you and observing you daily, so make sure you’re exhibiting the behaviors you want to see in them. Stop barking orders at your team and start showing them a good example of what it looks like to work hard and be a solid leader. They’ll notice what you’re doing and will want to mimic your habits and talents.

Break Down Silos

You’re not going to get far with your team if everyone’s always competing against each other and trying to be the best. This will create silos and people will stop communicating with each other. Break down these barriers by holding regular team meetings and brainstorming sessions to share ideas and talk through any issues. Dish out assignments where people need to work together if they’re going to come out successful.


Encourage a team mentality instead of each person being told to fend for themselves if you want your group to go from good to great. Know it’s a process and be patient with your staff as you demonstrate to them what success looks like. This is one initiative you won’t regret spending some extra time on if you want your business to thrive.

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