5 Tips for Building the Perfect Resume

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Attracting the attention of a potential employer is something most job seekers are adamant about. The first chance you have to make a great impression on a business owner or hiring manager is with your resume. Did you realize the average job post receives nearly 250 resumes? With this many resumes, it will be difficult to get the attention you crave from a hiring manager.

The only way to gain your spot at the top of the resume pile is by optimizing this document. Using tools like ResumeBuild is a great idea. This website provides you with a host of resume templates. These templates are designed to make your resume more readable and appealing. Be sure to visit ResumeBuild to find out more about the services they provide. If you are trying to build the perfect resume, consider the helpful tips below.


1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

One of the main things a potential employer will notice about your resume is how it is formatted. If your resume features large blocks of text with no headers, bullet points or numbered lists, it can make this document look very unappealing. A hiring manager will only glance at a resume for a few seconds before deciding to keep reading or discard it. Rather than gumming up your resume with wordy descriptions and large blocks of text, you need to focus on quality over quantity.

Including only the information that a hiring manager needs and nothing more is beneficial. If an HR professional is able to easily scan your resume and find the information they are looking for, you have a higher chance of getting called in for an interview.

2. Implementing the Right Keywords

Companies that receive a lot of resumes use technology to make sorting through them easier. In most cases, larger companies will use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find the best resumes. These systems work by searching for various keywords and qualifications. If your resume does not feature the right keywords, the ATS may pass right over it.

Including industry-specific keywords is crucial when trying to attract attention from an applicant tracking system. Optimizing your resume with the right keywords is essential when trying to land your dream job.

3. Transparency is Important

As you start to craft your resume, you need to think about the information a potential employer will want from you. While it is standard to include contact information like your email or phone number, you may also want to include links to some of your social media profiles. If you are active on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, you need to include a link to your profile. 

By doing this, you can impress a potential employer with your personal brand. Employers love hiring people who have a positive presence on social media because it helps them further their reach on these platforms.

4. Customize Your Resume For Each Position You Apply For

Handing out the same resume for every position you apply for is a horrible idea. This shows potential employers that you are basically going through the motions when applying for a position with their company. Instead of letting this hurt your chances of getting hired, you need to customize your resume for each company you apply with. 

Doing some research on the company in question and including some of this information in your resume summary is a great idea. By doing this, you can show a potential employer how passionate you are about working for them.


5. Sell Yourself to a Potential Employer

Having a bland and boring resume can lead to lots of problems. This is why you need to add a bit of flash to this document. The best way to do this is by telling a potential employer more about what you bring to the table. If you have identified a particular gap or weakness in a company’s existing model, let them know how you can fix it. While you need to avoid being too cocky, you do need to be confident about your abilities.

The Right Job is Out There

The time and effort you invest in crafting a great resume will pay off. With an appealing and informative resume, you should have no problem landing your dream job.


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