5 Useful Software Solutions for Diverse Businesses

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Doing business in the digital age requires software solutions that are fast, flexible and user-friendly. But there’s so much choice that it’s difficult to decipher which system is the ideal match for your requirements. Some packages are perfect for niche industries, while others can increase efficiency for any firm. With that in mind, here are five useful software solutions for diverse businesses.


Insightly offers a one-stop shop for contact management, lead management, email tracking and workflow automation. It also enables precise project management and advanced reporting with automatic updates on productivity, revenue and conversions. An accompanying mobile app keeps you in close contact when you’re on the move and the dashboard is easy to navigate. This software has been embraced by small and large firms in sectors like accounting, construction and real estate. It’s worth consideration if you like the idea of streamlining your services and creating custom reports to monitor different work streams.


Keeping the books in order can be one of the biggest challenges for small businesses — but letting finance and accounting slip can leave you open to reams of red tape from the tax man. FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software platform that simplifies client invoicing and time tracking. It enables PayPal, credit card and Google checkout payments and its dashboard makes creating team timesheets and clear reports on spending breakdowns easy. The software is compatible with most devices and it’s available in several different languages.

Motion Kinetic

Businesses that operate in specialised, highly-technical sectors often require software solutions designed for certain tasks. And the stringent health and safety regime applied to heavy industry is one example of such an application. Motion Kinetic loler inspection compliance software allows any firm that operates lifting equipment to manage and plan all aspects of compliance with government inspections. This allows firms to arrange automatic alerts about upcoming inspection dates and certification histories, and allocates in-house inspections to qualified engineers. It’s a useful tool for firms that need to keep track of compliance for equipment spread across different sites.


Snapii is a mobile app development platform that allows subscribers to create customised business management apps. Billing, inventory, employee management, point of sale and a host of other services are accessible at the touch of a button. The subscription fee includes online and in-person training, support and troubleshooting. It’s a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesspeople who want to keep a keen eye on their operations at any time and in any place. The user-friendly interface and flexible features make it popular with tech and construction firms as well as further education institutions.


When you want to closely monitor all aspects of your customer cycle, Sellsy might be worth consideration. A clean and simple dashboard allows you to monitor landing pages and forms, create automated marketing campaigns and facilitating online payments and invoicing. It’s optimised for mobile use and has collaborative tools that synchronises teamwork and keeps all stakeholders moving smoothly towards desired goals. So it’s perfect for firms that really want to drill down into sales strategies and tweak tactics at every stage of the cycle. It’s worth taking the time to look for a software package that meets the specific needs of your business, but bear in mind that it should be easy for all staff members to use effectively. The best systems make complex tasks simple and time-consuming duties less onerous.

These five useful software solutions for diverse businesses don’t guarantee success — but they might enable smoother progression towards goals.

What business software do you recommend? Share your advice in the comments section.

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