5 Simple Tips On Choosing The Best HRMS Solution For Your Business

Contributed article in our business series. Enjoy! – Kimberly Having the right Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) solution is essential in modern businesses. As more organizations move away from traditional business models and embrace the flexibility of remote work, a streamlined system is a necessity. If you’ve been trying to evaluate which software you need […]

Tech Fluency

Contributed article by Yvonne Burton of Burton Consulting International and Silicon Valley Alliance Associate. Technological fluency is a major part of global business skills and in the age of remote work, the need for companies to have Tech Fluency has become more and more apparent. I work mainly with Japanese companies and although many major corporations are […]

Changing the Cultural Cement in Which Your Company Swims

Originally posted on ProjectConnections.com I was recently told by another smarty-pants consultant that, “As long as the team makes a logical proposal to the executives, they will support their recommendation.” My retort: “Then why do people smoke?” I mean, it’s not logical to smoke. There’s plenty of data to suggest it’s bad for your health. […]

Workshop Facilitator

“I hate the stuff from the smiling, boring, vapid ‘trainers’ who have no ‘been there’ experience or passion.  Your energy really made everything click and I learned a lot about the effects of my own energy from watching you. Your sessions helped me know what to do with feedback I have been getting from my […]