Increased Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork Through Snack Foods

Unless you’ve spent your entire career with your face bathed in the light of your computer monitor, you’ve probably come across the concept of emotional intelligence. Popularized by Daniel Goleman at the end of the last century, emotional intelligence, or “EQ”, can be condensed to three criteria: self-awareness, the awareness of our impact on others, […]

Tech Fluency

Contributed article by Yvonne Burton of Burton Consulting International and Silicon Valley Alliance Associate. Technological fluency is a major part of global business skills and in the age of remote work, the need for companies to have Tech Fluency has become more and more apparent. I work mainly with Japanese companies and although many major corporations are […]

BOOK: Innovating Like a Startup Executing Like a Corporation

Contributed article in our business series. We’re delighted to feature this book, written by our brilliant and experienced colleague Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua. Enjoy! – Kimberly Why did I write this book? Through the experience acquired with large corporations and working with many startups, I could understand the strengths and weaknesses of these two worlds, and […]

4 Weird and Wonderful Ways Tech Will Transform Work

Contributed article in our business series. Enjoy! – Kimberly If you’ve noticed the ratio of automated cashpoints to human workers increasing each time you shop for groceries, you’ll already be aware of the impact of workplace automation. Improved customer experience is often offset by replacement of human roles. But there are others ways that technological […]

4 Top Tips for Improving Your Online Presence

Contributed article in our small business series. Enjoy! – Kimberly Every business must develop a strong online presence to boost their brand awareness, encourage engagement, improve industry authority and increase sales. To maximize your success, we are providing four top tips for improving your online presence. Website Optimization Only 51% of small businesses currently have […]

Top Reasons Links are Important to Your Website

Contributed article in our business series. Enjoy! – Kimberly Creating the perfect website for your business that attracts customers and generates buzz is not an easy task, in fact it’s a bit of a science. That’s exactly why so many people turn to professionals such as Click Intelligence to help them navigate the waters, figure out what […]

Should You Quit Your Day Job and Become an Entrepreneur?

Contributed article in our business series. Enjoy! – Kimberly If you’re absolutely tired of your day job and it’s no longer fulfilling you, you may be tempted to quit and start on a brand new track towards entrepreneurship. But is this really a wise decision? Should you really quit your job to become your own boss […]

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Workshop Facilitator

“I hate the stuff from the smiling, boring, vapid ‘trainers’ who have no ‘been there’ experience or passion.  Your energy really made everything click and I learned a lot about the effects of my own energy from watching you. Your sessions helped me know what to do with feedback I have been getting from my […]