Are Businesswomen Contributing Enough? Nope!

(Originally posted on Not even close! Don’t take my word for it. I’m educated as a scientist, and I do everything I can to make fact-based decisions based on data, so here’s some data for ya . . . According to the 2011 Catalyst Census:Fortune 500 Women Board Directors, Executive Officers and Top Earners and prior Catalyst Censuses, women […]

Keynote Speaking

Kimberly’s edgy style and heartfelt delivery makes her a popular keynote speaker, webinar speaker, and workshop facilitator. An engaging presenter, Kimberly has been invited to speak on a wide variety topics for government agencies, universities, social organizations and corporations. She’s an unforgettable live wire! Her high levels of audience interaction make sure everyone’s wide awake […]

Still Resisting Social Media as “just for teenagers”?

This week I had lunch with a friend of mine who is in his early 30s.  I couldn’t believe it when he told me he wasn’t on Facebook and he wasn’t twittering!  Yup, that’s right, there is still at least one cool, hip, successful high-tech business person in Silicon Valley who is NOT hip-deep in […]

Scrappy Books

What does it mean to be Scrappy? We have a long definition, but, to really learn all about how to be or become Scrappy in a variety of fields, read the terrific books on this page.Check out the complete series of Scrappy Books, some written by, and all edited by, Kimberly Wiefling. Available from Amazon […]


Past Speaking Engagements and Publications Keizai Society – “The Future of Japan – Seclusion in Paradise, Slide into Irrelevance, or Global Leader?”  Panel discussion with Kimberly advocating “Japan leading in Asia FOR the World”. The above panel discussion, and the video below, are examples of Kimberly’s engaging and irreverent style.  Her “tell it like it […]

Newsletter – You Can't Sell a Quarter for Ten Cents

You Can’t Sell a Quarter for Ten Cents Contents (Do you have ideas for future newsletters? Write me.) Selling a Quarter for Ten Cents Quote of the Month – from subscriber Ann Tardy Why is it So Hard to Sell a Quarter for Ten Cents? Last year several friends and I had a garage sale, […]

Newsletter – Getting out of Your Own Way

Getting Out of Your Own Way: 7 Strategies for Thinking Outside the Box There are plenty of challenges in our lives, however some of them are of our own making. We undermine ourselves, make assumptions about what’s possible that restrict our choices, and let our fears stop us from even trying to reach our goals […]

Product Development

Developing a New Product? What are you doing to ensure that you don’t contribute to these daunting statistics? Nearly 75% of all development projects miss their target release date or never ship at all. Depending on industry, between 60% and 90% of all new products fail to meet customer expectations. 1 in 600 products industry-wide […]

Workshop Facilitator

“I hate the stuff from the smiling, boring, vapid ‘trainers’ who have no ‘been there’ experience or passion.  Your energy really made everything click and I learned a lot about the effects of my own energy from watching you. Your sessions helped me know what to do with feedback I have been getting from my […]