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LEADERSHIP isn’t the same as MANAGEMENT.  A GROUP of PEOPLE isn’t the same as a TEAM.

                                                  Practical Magic for Achieving “Impossible” Results!

Business results are produced by engaged employees working in high-performing teams. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is the result of PURPOSEFUL WORK. Work that has meaning and purpose, not free lunches and other perks, creates employee engagement. What’s more meaningful than making a positive difference to Our World?! What is the future of our Planet Earth? Will governments solve our most pressing problems? Personally, I strongly believe that our best hope for the future of Our World lies in helping global companies solve our problems – profitably, and thus sustainably. That’s why my colleagues and I work with global business teams – to solve important problems that seem impossible, but are merely difficult.

“Successful 21st century global business leaders will be those who commit themselves to a purpose beyond profit.” – Kimberly Wiefling, Founder & President, Wiefling Consulting, Inc.

Kimberly leads intensive behavior-changing workshops (she calls them “workSHOCKS“) for global teams that directly translate into business results.

  • She has a proven track record helping globalizing companies overcome roadblocks and make painful, yet necessary, changes.

  • Her work is especially helpful in post-M&A integration, and with teams that are fragmented and unable to work together effectively.

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GLOBAL TEAM ENGAGEMENT: We help “groups of people” rapidly become “true teams” by tackling challenges worthy of them, so that they can achieve what would be impossible for any individual acting alone. And we help these teams accelerate their progress by applying common sense principles proven effective globally in the real business world. Plus, we make it fun. Bonus!

“Kimberly Wiefling is a unique professional resource,  providing priceless services to innovation leaders and innovative organizations. Kimberly is the real deal.  She will not  approach you as an expert, there to bestow knowledge – though she is, and she no doubt will. She will not approach you to tell you what to do – though you will not be misled if you follow her advice.  Instead, Kimberly will respect you as a person of power, as an organization up to the challenges it faces, and help you direct and harness that power to achieve great things. Embrace Kimberly’s  unconventional invitations, and be rewarded with unconventional results. Work with Kimberly and be moved – powered from the inside out.” – Sue Lebeck, Initiatives Director, Silicon Valley Innovation Associates


We’ve helped individuals, teams, and organizations make significant progress in as little as 1 day.

One way to get to know us and our work is to schedule a “Lunch and Learn” for your team. In 2 hours we’ll explore what’s working, what’s not, what’s missing, and what seems impossible – but if it WERE possible – would transform your business for the better. (Other ways to work with us) Let’s have a short conversation to find out if we’re a match. There’s no obligation except to actively participate in open, honest, no-nonsense dialogue.


  • Stuck to Unstuck
  • In-conflict to In-sync
  • Breakdowns to Breakthroughs
  • Chaos to Clarity
  • Off-track to On-target
  • Silos to Synergy
  • Good Enough to Great!
  • Disengaged to Engaged
  • Local to Global
  • Whining to Leading

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“Kimberly is incredibly passionate about the purpose of her work, and it shows. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive. The exercises in her workshops have been carefully designed to be relevant and thought-provoking. She brings an insane amount of energy to her workshops. I guarantee that you will leave her workshops energized and motivated to transform yourself for the better”. – Varma Chanderraju

Stop lurching fitfully toward your goals!
Move beyond hunch-based management and the tyranny of the urgent!

Kimberly W Xmas party photo Dec 2012Kimberly in Brief: Kimberly Wiefling, president of Wiefling Consulting, enables teams to achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. She has worked with people from over 50 different countries, in companies ranging from startups to the Global 1000. A physicist by education, she began her career with 10 years at HP in product development program management and engineering leadership. She then spent 3 years growing Silicon Valley startups, including a Xerox Parc spinoff where she was the VP of Program Management and Organizational Effectiveness. In the past 8 years she’s worked mainly with globalizing Japanese companies. In 2007 she wrote what became a very popular project management book, “Scrappy Project Management – The 12 Predictable and Avoidable Pitfalls Every Project Faces”, also published in Japanese by Nikkei Business Press. Kimberly is a force of nature – a menace to mediocrity on a mission that matters. She’s determined to transform Planet Earth for the better one inspired and engaged team at a time.

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What are the benefits of our consulting work?We help business leaders solve global problems profitably. For mid-level leaders and managers struggling with the challenges of business growth, global competition, cross-cultural and cross-border collaboration, and determined to develop into the global business leaders of tomorrow, our work creates rapid and lasting changes in mindset, behavior, and communication that enable individuals, teams and organizations to consistently and repeatedly achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult.  The result?  Increased revenue and profit, reduced risk, increased product and service quality and customer delight, increased employee engagement, and the retention of your talented people.  It’s not rocket science!  It’s simple, but not easy.

Infect your company with the “Kimberly Virus”! We help overburdened mid-level managers deliver high impact business results through committed person leadership, outrageous team effectiveness, and a sensible, repeatable project management process that achieves what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. My team and I fly to Japan almost every month to help Japanese companies learn to survive and thrive in this increasingly global and extremely competitive business environment.  We can help you, too!  It’s simple, but not easy.  It’s common sense, but not common practice.

“If you want advice on almost any topic; if you want to find expertise; if you want a critical and constructive eye; if you want to know someone that is relentlessly optimistic and energetic;  if you want to know someone that is entertaining as well as deeply serious; if you want a friend to bounce ideas off  — then you should get to know Kimberly.  I’ve never known anyone who is so varied in topics she knows about and the people networks in which she operates.  On top of all that, she is a genuinely nice and authentic person.” – Gerald R. Wagner, PhD, Presidents Office, Director Institute for Wellbeing Management, Bellevue University, Gallup Senior Scientist

And it’s contagious! Whatever mood you are in, whatever emotion you carry inside of you – as a leader, it’s spreading. Spread positive change!  Sustainable change means changing brain cells!  We know how to do that. But knowing “how” is not enough, your action is required.  If you’re leading in a company that could benefit from these kinds of changes, we need you to sponsor this work. Let’s talk!  +1 650 867 0847.

Interesting!  Tell me more . . .

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