How to Approach Company Data Loss

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Technology has transformed business operations across the world. With the emergence of ground-breaking innovations year after year, companies can utilize technology to grow their business, granting organizations with greater data storage options to protect and preserve private documents, audio files, photos, videos and more.

Prevent a Data Problem

Data issues are preventable, and it is your job as a business owner to prevent them. It is easy to focus on different areas of the company and leave files to be stored only on your desktop, but it is smart to back-up onsite, offsite and on a cloud-based server. Another way to prevent a data problem is to simply train your staff on the back-up process and why it is an essential part of any business. It is an employee’s responsibility to protect consumer privacy, too.

An External Backup

One of the most effective ways to save data is with a flash drive back-up, which will allow you to immediately access all your essential documents externally if there is a problem with your computer. You will not need to panic about the loss of data, because you can access the information via another company computer in the meantime, or you can restore your files to the device once it has been fixed. So, you can simply focus your attentions on running your business.

Digitally Back-up

Thanks to digital storage, it is easy for people with little technical experience to back-up their personal data. In fact, it has been reported that approximately 8 billion gigabytes or 0.8 zettabytes of data is stored digitally. Remarkably, the storage capacity could still house 50 billion 16G iPads, which is an amazing feat when you consider that digital data storage is growing even as you read this article.

Create a Recovery Plan

Not only is it important to back-up all your files, but you should have a recovery plan in place in the event someone forgets to save an important document and loses it forever. Do your homework to find the best free recovery tools to use in the event of a problem – so you have them at the ready if something goes wrong. You should also have the number of an experienced data recovery company that can retrieve your data, which leads us onto our next tip…

Data Recovery

Unfortunately, data loss is still a big problem for individuals and companies, because there is always the chance a problem will arise that could cause you to lose your most important files. For example, you might have just created an important document when your computer crashed or a memory card could become corrupted. When a hard drive or device breaks, you might often go into panic mode or could believe the data has gone forever, but all is not lost.

In the event of a hard drive issue or broken device, do not attempt to fix the hard drive yourself, because you risk damaging the hardware for good. You should leave the device to one side and contact a data recovery company, who will attempt to retrieve the files in a data recovery clean room designed for mechanical repairs, because one tiny particle of dust could prevent the chances of recovering any files.

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