Beginning Your Job Search: Tips to Find a Job Easily

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People who keep saying they can’t find a job, aren’t that serious about getting one. In this transient market, new positions come and go every day.

For anyone looking for a job, there are three ways to go about it. Go online, get in touch with a recruiter, or do it old style.


By far, the most popular way to look for a job is to go online. There are so many options, though, so it can be a bit daunting.

There are loads of websites that introduce job seekers with companies who are looking, from sites that cover every possible industry out there, to niche markets. Here’s a great place to get started.

For professionals, you could set up a profile on a site like LinkedIn. It’s the ideal networking tool to make contacts in your industry.

Be careful not to spam companies with job applications. If they offer several positions, apply for the one you’re most suited for. Multiple attempts make you look undecided, and a little too willing to take on anything.

When you apply for roles, keep an eye on the closing date for applications. It doesn’t hurt to contact them a few days later. This behavior shows that you’re keen.


Why do the hard work yourself when you can get an expert to do it for you? Having a recruitment agency behind you can open doors that you might not have known existed.

Many companies choose not to hire staff themselves, but to employ a recruitment firm to do it. This ‘middle-person’ sifts through resumes, shortlists, pre-interviews, and helps find the right person for the role. 

Proactive recruiters can even target-market you to companies that you’d like to approach, to see if you can get a foot-in-the-door.

Beware of any organizations, though, who want to charge you for their service. They are already being paid by the company that they recruit for.

Go it Alone

A surprisingly effective way to find a job is to go out and look for it physically. Print off some copies of your resume, dress nicely, and go door-knocking.

Head to businesses that you want to work for, or have experience in their field. Ask to see someone from human resources (HR) or at least drop off a resume. You never know, that company may have just had an urgent position to fill, and you walked in at the right time.

If the most you could do was leave a resume, don’t quit there. Ensure you get the name of someone to contact. Follow them up in a few days to a week to see if they have your CV and your contact details.

Don’t Give Up

The job market is very fickle. Some days there’s plenty available, and other days it’s scarce. So keep at it. Do online searches daily, and use multiple websites to increase your opportunities.

Register with a couple of recruitment agencies and make sure you keep in contact, so they know you’re still looking and available.

Don’t discount the ease of door-knocking; being in the right place at the right time is a story you can tell for years to come.

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