BOOK: Golf and Marriage: Improve Your Marriage by Improving Your Golf

Author Garey Johnson shares his insights in this thoughtful & playful book. Enjoy! – Kimberly
Introducing Golf and Marriage: Improve Your Marriage by Improving Your Golf.

Male and female golfer alike will find entertaining and useful discussion, within it’s 130 pages, on how to let their golfing experiences work for their marriage.

“Golf and marriage are two of the hardest things a person attempts in a lifetime, because in both your biggest enemy is yourself. Golf can routinely make you want to walk away and never come back, and who hasn’t experienced that same feeling about their marriage? At the core, both golf and marriage are about learning to observe and understand your emotions and directing them for a happy outcome. The good news is, the same techniques that can do this for your golf game can also do it for your marriage.”  – Garey A. Johnson

There are so many correlations between golf and marriage. Both are a puzzle without an answer that you must work tirelessly and patiently on to achieve success and love.” – Gary Player

The words of Mr. Player (one of the greatest professional golfers of all-time) are so true.

Unfortunately, the narrative about golf and marriage (for about the last 500 years) has invariably pointed out how mutuallyantagonistic they can be.

I’ve written Golf and Marriage in hopes of flipping that narrative and getting folks to talking about how mutually supportive golf and marriage can be.

Married, single, golfer, or non-golfer, check it out and let’s change the conversation.

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