Is Your Business Missing Out on Voice Recognition Software?

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Personal assistants powered by voice recognition software are currently the new trend among tech giants. Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant and Samsung is planning to launch Bixby very soon. However, that’s just consumer tech. What about business? Can your business benefit from voice recognition in any way? Yes it can and we are not only talking about warehousing and medical transcription either. If your business can benefit from a software that translates voice into text with pinpoint accuracy, you already have a reason to invest in voice-to-text software. After getting the hang of it, even the slowest typist can produce documents at the speed of a professional Grade-A typist! If you find that interesting, read on to discover how you can integrate advanced voice recognition into your business in other ways as well.

The Perfect Tool for Ideas

The thing about the human brain is that it doesn’t necessarily always work in the way we want it to. Even if you were blank in the office yesterday, cloud integration allows a voice recognition application to communicate your ideas from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on a company flight or on a vacation, you could be writing down all your unpolished ideas without having to type a single word.

The Speed of Typing

Even though it is the most basic advantage of employing a voice recognition system, it is also the most important one. A state of the art speech recognition software that translates voice into text can be used to complete daily office paperwork in one-third (or even less) of the time that is usually taken by the average typist. Dictate the words and watch them being converted into text with pinpoint accuracy. As you can imagine, this saves time and increases the productivity of each of your employees considerably. Alternatively, this can help you manage your small business with lesser employees than you previously thought possible.

The Convenience

A voice-to-text software enables the user to work under virtually any condition. When you are sick and cannot leave your bed, you could be writing that all important report or sending that crucial email to your clients, right from there. You don’t need to type, so you don’t need to get up either. Imagine the potential this holds for those of us who suffer from temporary or chronic back pain and in spite of the desire to progress, are unable to work long hours.

Great for Completing Repetitive Tasks

The software allows programming of custom voice commands into it, which should make filling in repetitive standard details like legal literature, emails, forms, contacts, etc. much less laborious than typing them multiple times every day. In the process, you also end up saving the most precious commodity of them all once again; time.

Control Everything with Your Voice

Set it up with applications on your office computer and you could be opening and using applications with just your voice in no time. Typing and managing emails, opening and editing office documents, etc. is quite possible with voice commands. Microsoft Cortana on Windows 10 is quite adept at this, although its consumer-centric build may not make it suitable for the needs of a large scale business.

Ability to Learn

2017 is going to be the year when the next generation of AI powered voice assistants will be making their debut on both the consumer front and the business front. The basic idea behind these intelligent voice recognition software is that they will be capable of learning. Using complex machine learning with the help of algorithms that have been in development for years, the software will learn more about the work you do and adapt itself according to the needs of that work to increase output. They will have the potential to become more and more efficient with each passing day; the more you use an intelligent voice recognition system, the more competent it will become.

As you have probably gathered so far, voice translation applications can help a business by saving time, making office work less mundane and by raising productivity. As long as you have an office and ample paperwork to deal with, your business will benefit from voice recognition. Additionally, we have found that there might even be applications of such software in professional fields of content marketing, copywriting and creative writing as well. In fact, the ability of a speech recognition software to increase efficiency by cutting down on time consumption and typing efforts, makes it universally applicable to everyone who can benefit from them.

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