Content marketing vs Copywriting. What’s the difference?

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The field of content creation and development includes a variety of concepts where some are easy to define while some remain an issue to many people. Two types of content that have proven a challenge for many to differentiate are content marketing and copywriting. Ideally, content marketing is used interchangeably with copywriting to mean one and the same thing, but it is important to note that they are different. This confusion is definitely due to their close relationship, but marketing professionals from PaperWritten can help demystify this scenario. Read on to understand the actual meaning of these two terms and the various forms in which they are presented…

Understanding Content Marketing and its Forms

In an effort to help you understand the difference between these two, it will be important to know what content marketing is. Well, this involves the creation of original and unique content for a business with the intention of attracting new customers both at the present time and in the long term. Content marketing is usually done in different forms, and this includes blog posts, white papers, eBooks, podcasts, articles, videos and email newsletters.

Through content marketing, the owner gets to communicate to the target audience in a direct manner and woo them to their goods and services for purchase. It’s meant to attract those looking for the kind of services or products that you offer as they do their search online. Content marketing aims at providing useful information that helps customers understand the value of what you are offering to them. They gradually get convinced that your business is helpful to them and can be trusted to provide the solution that they are looking for.

Is Copywriting Part of Content Marketing?

This was not included in the various forms of content marketing, and that is because there is a difference. Even though it is a type of creating content, it is only achievable by way of writing. Ideally, copywriting makes reference to the words on your business website meant to motivate visitors to take immediate action. To understand copywriting better, think of it as basically a sales pitch written on a number of pages.

In most cases, copywriting tends to introduce your business to the audience, how it got started, or describe the services and products offered. Copywriting may also involve writing about certain products or services. Other forms of copywriting include headlines on your website pages, a welcome email to subscribers, and so on. In a nutshell, copywriting is intended to get people to act by either reading or buying something from you. This is what makes it different from content marketing.

The Bottom Line

Content marketing is definitely different from copywriting despite the close association between these two concepts. There are different forms of content marketing, including both text and visual content, whereas copywriting is only created in text format. Ideally, content marketing is aimed at creating awareness of your business and attracting new customers whereas copywriting is meant to cause visitors to take action on something!

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