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What a wild adventure it was engaging in a lively dialogue with Maria Kauffman on her podcast “The Everyday Heroine“. Kimberly’s episode is called “From Impossible to Inevitable: The Evolution of Scrappy Gal Pals”, and explores some of the challenges we face as women in achieving what seems impossible, but is merely difficult, as well as approaches that will help you turn your dreams into reality.
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Kimberly had a wonderful time exploring possibilities on Dr. Myriam Hadnes’s podcast “Workshops Work”. See the show summary here.

GEMS Podcast: What a delight it was to have such an authentic dialogue with Genesis Amaris Kemp about leading from ANY chair, without position or title! Have a listen for a “dose of Kimberly”. It just might be the cure for what ails ya!

BUILT FOR IMPACT: No, I will NOT stop ranting about turning MANAGERS into LEADERS and GROUPS into TRUE TEAMS until EVERYONE on Planet Earth at LEAST has the opportunity to IGNORE COMMON SENSE or make it COMMON PRACTICE! It’s not rocket science, people! I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Amanda Bocik, and hope you will listen and spread the word:

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What a fun adventure it was exploring “Engaging Virtual Meetings” with John Chen! Check out our irreverent and playful show:

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Yah, I’m still  ranting  about ScrappyProjectManagement! Check out this one:
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Oh, I NEVER wanted to go FULLY remote! But sometimes LIKING it is OPTIONAL! Leaders must do what is REQUIRED to support their people:

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What’s the FUTURE of WORK? I have my ideas. Listen in here:

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My integrity is my #1 value and most important asset. What an honor it was for me to be featured on Mitchell Levy’s “Credibility Spotlight” as a credible leader. Check it out:

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Henry and I were exploring some visual exercises BEFORE this hand symbol was corrupted by the haters. I now use the PEACE SIGN instead. Check it out:

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Business Performance Podcast – Kimberly interviewed by Henry Schneider. Henry Schneider is the host of the Business Performance Podcast and CEO of PPQC (Process And Product Quality Consulting). PPQC’s mission is to provide premier technology and process improvement consulting, appraisals, and training to help customers advance their business processes and increase their strategic competitive edge.

Scrappy Dialogues Straight to You!

Leave behind socially acceptable, politically-correct, outdated ways to look at business. Tune in for how-to guides, interviews, and more fascinating, no-BS insights!  Kimberly’s four interviews are pre-loaded for your aural pleasure.

Scrappy Women in Business with Wayne Hurlbert

BLOGTALK RADIO: I describe what it means to be a scrappy woman in business & share the stories of several scrappy women and how they overcame obstacles and achieved success. Remember the important lesson that bending the established rules of business isn’t breaking the law, and why rule bending is often essential to profitability!

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The Power Connection Radio Show Interview Nov. 2010

BLOGTALK RADIO: Kimberly explored the 7 Deadly Sins of Global Business Leadership Development Programs with Host Marie Pijanowski on “The Power Connection” radio show of the Center for Social Connections.

Home Based Business Radio Show Interview Sept. 2010

BLOGTALK RADIO: Kimberly shared insights on surviving and thriving in your own scrappy business with Greg and Pattie Arnold live from Tokyo on their Colorado-based show “Home Based Business Live”.

Price Waterhouse Cooper Interview April 2008

Listen to an interview with Kimberly on “The 12 Predictable and Avoidable Pitfalls Every Project Faces” from 4/10/2008 on the Price Waterhouse Coopers Start Up Show at WSRadio.


Listen to a “HappyAbout” audio seminar by Kimberly about her Scrappy Project Management book.

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