Different Types of Stamps and Their Usage

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Technology has made maintaining paperwork much easier and faster. However, there are still things that need human interaction. Any paper designed and printed by a computer is not legitimate without an authoring mark on it. These marks can be your signature, company logo, etc. Without these marks, even the most important document is just a scarp. Stamps make the document marking easier. There are several types of stamps available in the market. From wax stamps to ink stamps in Australia at Dial A Stamp, you can choose the best one for you. You can also personalize the information imprinted on these stamps. Here we try to give you an overview of the types of stamps available in the market and their implementation.

  • Wax stamps

Wax stamps symbolize royalty. These have been in use to represent the authority of the monarch since the ancient time. These stamps are also used in military orders. In the present day and time, these are popularly used in many institutes. A metal seal is used to put these stamps. Mostly the purpose of wax stamps is to seal paperwork or even offices.

  • Leather stamps

Leather stamps are also made of some solid metal. There is often a wooden or metal handle. These stamps are to be tanned and dampened before they can be used. A mallet strike makes the impression on the leather. You have to treat the seal with oils to keep the impression from fading. These stamps are somewhat uncommon. They are mostly seen in the factories which involve some kind of leatherwork.

  • Rubber stamps

These stamps are made of vulcanized rubber. The vulcanized rubber is given the desired shape with the desired symbol carved on it. You have to press it against an ink pad before casting the impression on any medium. The type of ink you would use depends on the type of medium you want to stamp. These are the most common stamps which are found in almost all offices and institutes.

  • Self-inking stamps

These stamps are the easiest to use. They have both the stamp and the ink encapsulated within the stamping machine. The ink is in contact with the stamp all the time. When you press the stamp the seal comes through the ink and make the impression. These stamps are a little expensive as compared to other stamps. This is due to the mechanism they come with. These are commonly seen in offices as address stamps, signature stamps, etc.

  • Pre-inked stamps

This is another type that has the stamp and ink together. The pre-inked stamps are laden with ink. When you press the stamp, the impression is directly marked off the seal. The ink is easily refilled. These are more affordable than the self-inking stamps. You can find them in educational institutes for multiple purposes.

  • Eco-friendly stamps

Eco-friendly stamps are the new generation stamps that are preferred by the millennial. These stamps work as the self-inking or pre-inked stamps. However, the material used to make them is a better eco-friendly choice. Recycled material is used to make the stamp and eco-friendly ink is used to get the imprint by them. These are quite common in many start-up companies. Also, many well-established companies are shifting to eco-friendly stamps these days.

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