Five Work at Home Online Jobs That Aren’t Scams

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The allure of working from home is too strong for many to resist. Faced with the choice between slaving away at a 9-5 job while conforming to corporate standards and being your own boss, the choice seems very simple for many. The corporate culture is beginning to recognize this as well, as more and more employment opportunities offer individuals the ability to work from home either part-time or full-time.

Unfortunately, there are many notable scams and get-rich-quick schemes floating about the web these days. We’ve all seen the comments on blogs and news stories about making $500 per hour while working from home, the cookie-cutter websites that promote to turn your desperation into profit and the various e-books that all say they’ll unlock your true moneymaking potential. Sadly, these scams capture all too many people looking for legitimate opportunities.

With that being said, where can an honest worker find opportunities to work from home and make a decent living? There are several potential opportunities floating about right now, but you won’t see many bots advertising them in comments sections. Today, let’s review five of them so that you can consider whether any of these opportunities are right for you.

Content Creators

One of the most productive ways you can earn money online while working from home is in the area of content marketing and creation. Whether you are writing, drawing, designing or editing, there is more demand for content than ever. Thanks to an ever-growing internet, more and more businesses and brands are seeking out fresh content and resources to appeal both to search engines and visitors alike.

Do you have a particular skill-set that could be valuable to brands and businesses? If so, then you may be able to leverage that into a full-time work from home career. There is constant demand for content creation of all types, including narration and voice acting, graphic design, video creation and editing, and website creation. If you possess even basic skills in one or more of these areas, then you may be able to refine your skills and earn big money providing people with these services.

Depending on your particular skills and the demand for it, content creation jobs can pay anything from minimum wage to hundreds of dollars per hour.

Freelance Writers

Perhaps the most common form of content creation is freelance writing. Whether it’s assignments for blog posts, product reviews, general website content or press releases, there are countless brands out there willing to pay big money for others to create their content for them. Because so many value their time over money, you have a big opportunity to cash in on the dynamic.

A wide variety of potential clients – from individual blog owners to SEO firms like The HOTH – are constantly seeking out new freelance writers and content creators to provide them with their services. This may be one of the easiest ways to secure consistent and reliable work, but freelancers also have other options. Many sell their services on websites like Fiverr, where customers can instantly purchase content on specific topics directly from the freelancer. Many freelancers earn between $10 and $50 per hour for their services, making it an in-demand career field.

Online Tutoring

They say that knowledge is power, but it can also be money when used effectively. The internet is a giant directory, facilitating connections between those who want something and those who can provide it. Now more than ever, people are seeking to hone a variety of skill-sets and learn new ideas from the privacy of their home.

This can be a golden opportunity for you, the teacher, to earn a bit of income while working from home. Whether you are fluent in a foreign language or were just really good at a particular subject in school, you’ll find a variety of tutoring gigs through websites like Aim4A and a variety of others.

Depending on the subject and the amount of demand for qualified tutors, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour providing children, seniors and everyone in between with the ability to learn new skill-sets and subjects.

Test Scoring

From online universities to corporate training platforms, there is a huge demand for people who can pour over test data these days. This situation can be converted into a golden opportunity for you to work from home.

Professional test scoring can be quite monotonous and even boring, but it can also be a great way to earn money on the side or as a full-time career. There are many websites out there that can connect you with companies that need these services, such as Pearson, after an initial evaluation. Expect to earn anywhere from $10 to $25 per hour providing these services.

YouTube Videos

While there is good money to be made in producing and editing videos, you don’t have to be a professional editor or videographer to make money with video. One way that many people have found full-time careers for themselves is through the power of YouTube.

If you have a particular skill, perspective or are simply entertaining enough, then you can potentially make huge sums of money through the video platform. Of the potential work-from-home opportunities on this list, succeeding via YouTube is probably the most difficult – but nevertheless doable.

If you consistently create engaging content that is entertaining or informative, you’ll slowly but surely begin to rack up likes, views and shares. After a certain point, you’ll be offered entry into YouTube’s advertising platform. For every ad shared via your videos, you earn a portion. There are numerous channel operators on YouTube who are earning full-time incomes through this method, with some notable exceptions even becoming millionaires thanks to the platform.

All in all, you can expect to earn anywhere from a few hundred to one thousand dollars per month as a modestly successful YouTube star.

Now that you have five leads on potential jobs that allow you to work from home, it’s time to get busy! The internet is filled with opportunities if you’re discerning and methodical, so be sure to give these opportunities – as well as the myriad number of others – careful consideration.

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