Four Ways to Strengthen Your Law Firm’s Online Public Image

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A good reputation is everything to a law firm. Without a clean, trusting public image, your company could falter and fail, which is why carefully selected words and a spotless appearance can be the secret to success behind a fruitful firm. With the rise of companies using the internet to update and promote their image, stepping into the twenty-first century has never been so important to building a client base and a faultless public image. While this may seem daunting, there are simple, but effective, ways of promoting your firm’s successes. Here are a few of them.

1. Online Marketing

There are many benefits to having a strong internet presence, especially now, with more people turning to the Web when in need of advice – no matter how big or small the issue. If your firm’s online presence is lacking, then of course, you are going to be losing any prospective clients to competitors. To combat this problem, make sure you optimize your online presence through the practise of SEO, pay-per-click, and online campaigns over social media or through blog posts.

2. Advertising

Advertising is a simple, yet effective, way of boosting your firm’s presence across the internet. Like online marketing, the aim is to get your name out there, reaching as many people as possible. Of course, advertising has evolved over the years – from billboards and posters in railway stations to TV ads and internet cookies. Online advertising can range from being a long, ongoing campaign, to a simple one-time ad. Either way, the more people who see your firm’s name, the more recognized and trusted you will become.

3. Public Relations

By investing in an efficient PR team, your firm’s image will grow and prosper. With your firm’s name appearing in the press, securing high-profile cases and coverage, your visibility will increase, ultimately increasing your client base. Through harnessing the validation of the media, your firm’s public image will grow in credibility and visibility. There are many marketing companies that offer PR services. By hiring the help of companies such as Berbay, who offer legal public relations support for law firms across the world, you will be able to sleep soundly knowing your firm is in capable hands.

4. Social Media and Blog Posts

Quick and efficient interactions between company and client is a must today. Most companies use social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, as a means of connecting with their clients as well as promoting their online presence and public image. Building an online following over social media will make your public image thrive. As people begin to take notice of your posts, whether it is a Tweet or a shared, relevant link over Facebook, your firm’s popularity will expand its reach across the internet.

Social media posts are fleeting, and usually capped in length. Blog posts allow you to interact with your clients on a deeper level. And, by regularly updating your website with information on the legal industry and developments in your law firm, your public image will grow and become trusted within the legal community.

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