Global Communicator Program

2013-05-24 15.34.46Communication skills are among the most powerful tools available to leaders responsible for working across cultures. Study after study reveals that everyday communication skills are one of the top skills required for success in life and on the job.  In fact, the #2 reason that teams don’t achieve their goals is due to ineffective communication. (The #1 reason is that they don’t know what their goals are!) Cross-cultural influences can greatly complicate the task of communicating effectively.

Great communicators build relationships that produce long-term results by meeting their communication partner where they are, without blame or judgment, listening more than they talk, and asking more questions than advocating for their particular view.  They have clear goals for their communication, and a plan to achieve those goals. They are alert to different communication styles, know how to communicate effectively with these various styles, and can continue to communicate effectively even in stressful or challenging situations. Their communication is crisp, clear and concise.  When difficulties arise they have the ability to make the necessary adjustments to achieve winning solutions.

The workshop addresses issues relevant to effective communication on three levels: 1) the self, 2) one-on-one, and 3) at the team level. Effective cross-cultural communication is often about meeting others where they are and building a relationship based on future possibilities instead of past assumptions and experiences.

You will leave this workshop skilled and practiced at listening generously to others as a “thinking partner” to create a “thinking environment” you can rapidly create a meaningful connection and positive rapport with people from widely varying backgrounds. The highly experiential nature of this workshop will enable you to immediately apply your insights in conversing at a breakthrough level in order to achieve the results you need to be successful in a cross-cultural business environment.

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