Global Team Effectiveness – A Group is Not a Team

Transform a Group into a Team


The best reason to get people into the same room together is so they can talk meaningfully with each other about what matters most. How much time are you willing to invest in increasing your team’s effectiveness? Whether it’s a day, a week, six months, or a year, you will benefit from an experienced facilitator with a deep understanding of how to turn offsites into business results. Kimberly can assure that your team emerges with sensible plans and a strong commitment to implementing their agreements and achieving their dreams and goals.

Achieve “Impossible” in 6 Months 

  • Start with a “group of people”
  • Survey the business environment.
  • Identify the gap between “reality” and the ideal.
  • Choose projects that seem impossible!
  • Apply the “group genius” of a diverse team.
  • Get guidance from experienced facilitators.
  • Embrace healthy conflict and disappointment.
  • Encourage and support each other to persist.
  • Discover that the “impossible” is merely difficult.
  • Present creative proposals to your executives.
  • Be transformed into an unstoppable TEAM!

“The recommendation of a transformed cynic: Kimberly is a bit like a cyclone – she will turn your world upside down and blow you away. Unlike a cyclone, however, she will be sure that all of the important pieces remain; neatly reorganized and stronger than before she met you. She will also, undoubtedly, leave many gems behind for you as well – some ready to display and others for you to continue polishing throughout your life and career. You will definitely be richer for having crossed her path. With unrivaled passion, Kimberly effortlessly blends principles of transformational leadership, communication, cultural understanding and relationship building and links them directly to operational excellence with brilliant simplicity. I learned more practical skills in a 6-day program led by Kimberly than I have in nearly three decades of management education and experience. These lessons will not only allow me to foster an environment that is both enjoyable and highly productive, but will, as a result, make the company I work in stronger and more successful. Without question, Kimberly merits my highest recommendation.”  Ross McClure, Manufacturing Manager, SuperPower, Inc., a Furukawa Company


1 Day Preview Workshop Description:

“Exceptional Team Effectiveness – A Group is Not A Team”

Highly effective teams can accomplish what would be difficult, or impossible, for one person acting alone. Imagine a single human being building the entire interstate highway system, or writing all of the books in your local library. Impossible!

We must often collaborate with others to accomplish goals that only a group of people can achieve. But a group is not the same as a team, and there are many barriers to fully unleashing “group genius”. Even working with just one other person can be challenging, and the complexity of teamwork rises exponentially.

An MIT study of global team effectiveness found that only 18% of teams considered themselves successful. The most frequent causes of failure cited were:

  • They failed to build trust.
  • They failed to overcome communication barriers.
  • The goals of the individuals were not aligned with the team goals.
  • The team goals were unclear.

Effective teams have a share vision of where they are going and shared values that guide how they behave during the journey. Team members perform best when focused on their strengths. Goals must enjoy the buy-in and support of the entire team. As Patrick Lencioni pointed out in the book “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”, absence of trust, fear of conflict, avoidance of commitment, lack of accountability and Inattention to results, are five barriers standing between any teams and success.

You’ll leave this workshop equipped to enable your team to overcome these common obstacles, move from effective to extraordinary, and achieve results that would be impossible for those unskilled in unleashing the power of a true team.

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