Highly Effective Global Teams

Furukawa-Reunion-Thailand2013In today’s global business world we face many challenges that cannot be overcome by one individual acting alone. The truth is that we need teams!

FACT: Only 18% of business teams consider themselves highly successful.

According to a study published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, all over the world teams disappoint themselves and their stakeholders due to entirely predictable and avoidable causes of failure.

FACT: A “group of people” is not the same as a “team”.

Working in teams brings a special set of challenges outlined by Patrick Lencioni in “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”. Overcoming these dysfunctions requires a shared purpose and shared values, and sometimes requires individuals to put the good of the team above their own self-interest.

FACT: Diverse teams win.

Teams composed of people of different genders, cultures, and work styles generate enormously better results than those that lack diversity.

Highly effective teams enlarge what’s possible and increase the speed of business results. No matter what your position or title, you can significantly increase your team’s performance through the simple and effective approaches shared in this program.

In this “Learning Laboratory” you will learn and integrate practical behaviors through a series of engaging and enlightening exercises. Participants leave with an understanding of the importance of teamwork and how they can contribute to better results in their own teams.

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