Internet Marketing Tips for New Startups in 2017

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Internet marketing has changed a lot in recent years. Newer instruments such as social media and mobile apps are changing the way businesses connect with target users. More importantly, the market is very competitive, especially with internet marketing helping small businesses from around the world reach different market segments.

If you want to connect better with your audience in 2017, there are a few important things to keep in mind. In this part, we’re going to review the best internet marketing tips for new startups.

Focus on Relationships

Reach is just a number. Similar to old-school advertising, the pursuit for wide reach and amazing exposure is only a small portion of today’s internet marketing scene. What’s more important is building a deeper, stronger relationship with the audience; in the case of startups, the target users.

Social media is enabling businesses to connect with the audience on a much more personal level. As a startup, you too must take advantage of these platforms to build a strong following. Instead of spreading news, focus on interactions and user engagement.

The more you can connect with the audience, the better they will respond to product announcement, updates from the company and other similar content. So, how do you build a stronger relationship with the audience?

Give and Give Some More

Yes, content and video marketing will be even bigger in 2017. Internet marketing is now less about sharing product information in a hard-sell kind of way and more about sharing valuable content that users actually love to read or view. The more you give, the bigger your following will be.

Top online masters in communication management programs from reputable universities such as the University of Southern California are beginning to add classes on content marketing for this very reason. Providing users with valuable content is the way to attract them into visiting your site or following your social media profiles.

Of course, there is one more step in this equation: conversion. The best master in communications degree holders will tell you that conversion is easy when you already have a strong relationship with the audience. The next time they need a product you offer, your brand name – and the product itself – will already be at the forefront of their minds.

Don’t Forget to Listen

Customers love it when you listen to their input. In fact, there are a lot of insights and information you can get from the audience. Don’t hesitate to incorporate these insights into your products, services, or even the startup’s workflows. Even the smallest implementation of customer inputs can turn a loyal audience into avid evangelists for your startup.

A lot of companies are doing this already. Many smartphone brands started life as brands for enthusiasts before pivoting towards a wider market. By listening to tech enthusiasts, they managed to build a strong following early in the development stage.

These are some of the best tips to help you get started with internet marketing in 2017. For more on how to reach the right audience and be successful online, stay tuned right here on Startup World.

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