3 Ways to Stay Focused on Success

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Any successful business man or woman can tell you that one of the main detriments to continued success is a sense of complacency that hits everyone at a certain period in their career. They reach a level where they are comfortable and take a step back when they should be forging ahead.

Until you’ve reached the top of your game, become a Bill Gates or a Donald Trump, there is no time to lose your focus, to get complacent. In fact, even those amazingly successful entrepreneurs never lost their focus for any great length and this is why they continued to reach the pinnacle of success. Here are three key ways to stay focused on success.Continue reading

Boost Your Website with Great Content

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Way back in January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled “Content is King” which began by saying: “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet.” Nearly twenty years on and this still holds true today. When it comes to choosing content for your website, it’s useful to remember the adage ‘an image is worth a thousand words.’ Choose the wrong image and it doesn’t matter what you write alongside it, the viewer will quickly lose interest.Continue reading

3 Things That Digital Agencies Don’t Tell You About Your Marketing Budget

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4814995807_86e74a6dae_oDigital agencies are service providers. Just as all service providers out there, you will find that many of them have things that they do not want you to know about the work that is done for you. While a certain degree of transparency has to exist, this does not actually mean that you will be told everything. Many digital agencies hide things from you and it is really important that you consider the following facts.

Sometimes Services Are Outsourced

You pay a specific company to take care of your digital marketing needs. Some of those that you find online will not actually do the work. They will act as an intermediary. That is usually the case when dealing with really large agencies, those that have offices in many places. Their prices are a lot higher than the small firms and they get clients because of the reputation they have.

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Simple Ways To Motivate Your Company’s Employees

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During the normal life of a company various problems appear, and as the going gets tough it is vital that employees remain motivated. The problem is that motivating a firm’s employees is a lot more difficult than many believe. You cannot simply offer some money and expect great results. Also, there is a huge possibility that you do not have the cash for bonuses since motivation problems usually appear when funds are low.

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Goals You Should Consider With Business Web Design

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Web design - 1A business website is a critically important part of the operation of a modern company. If a company does not have an online presence, the desired success is much more difficult to reach. The choice of web developer has a huge impact on the success of a website. It is important to plan the purpose and approach of your website properly before creating the site. Planning ahead ensures that your company will be much more successful. A lack of planning increases the possibility of failure.Continue reading

5 Great Marketing Ideas to Make Your Business a Failure

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Failure - 1Like a shop tucked away up a side street, or a new restaurant hiding in a country lane, your business will fail unless you get it noticed. Without some kind of marketing strategy to get to as many people as possible (and as often as possible), your business could go to the wall within months. However, if you decide that this is the best way forward for your new business, here are a few ideas to help you stumble to business failure like so many other new businesses. Meet Stan, and his outdated views.Continue reading

How to Organize a Successful Business Event

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event planning

When it comes to organizing business events, the devil is in the detail. Your reputation and that of your company may be riding on the outcome, so if everything starts to unravel at the eleventh hour, your head could be on the block.

Poorly organized business events look unprofessional and chaotic, which is why there are event insurance policies. It’s not good when people are forced to stand up for hours because there are not enough chairs or the food runs out before all of the guests have eaten. But all of this can be avoided if you are willing to put in enough thought, planning and creativity into the event. And if you get it right, your business event will be a big success and clients, investors or potential prospects will be more than happy to deal with your organization again.Continue reading

Using Technology to Improve Teamwork and Efficiency

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Digital-signage-solutionsResearchers have found that the number-one quality of ineffective leadership is the inability to inspire and motivate subordinates. Time and money are lost when people pull in different directions or when disengagement and conflict undermine progress toward business goals.

Effective leaders counter these problems by using communications technology and digital signage to keep everyone on track and in sync.
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Profitable Hobbies That Could Become Your Little Start Up

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ideasIf you are tired of your day-to-day routine and would rather be spending your afternoons doing something you love rather than sitting at your desk, staring out the window wishing you were doing anything but your job, then you should consider turning your hobby into a stream of income. This may seem impossible, but in many cases it is far from it. Here are five hobbies that can be extremely profitable.

In recent years blogging has become not only a very popular hobby, but also a very popular profession. Some people write mostly on their own blogs with the occasional guest post on other popular blogs in their niche. These people generally are making money from advertising, eBooks and other online streams of income while they write and improve their own blog. Another option is to get paid to guest post on other blogs, and many of the high traffic blogs will not only pay you but allow you to link back to your own blog to bring in traffic. Continue reading

What Should You Wear to a Business Conference?

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biz casualConferences come in all shapes and sizes. Some are relatively small affairs designed to bring together a small group of people from a niche profession or business. Others are huge global events that take place over several days and attract big name keynote speakers. Whatever the size of the event, if you are a member of a profession or you work in a corporate environment, there will come a point where you are invited (or coerced) into attending a conference.

For a lot of people, conferences of one sort or another are a bit of a ‘jolly’. It’s an excuse to spend a few days out of the office, catching up with people in your industry or field, networking, and generally having a good time. Yes, you are there (in theory) to listen to some interesting speeches, but once the boring stuff is out of the way, it’s party on baby!Continue reading