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“No one succeeds by their own talents alone (except Steve Jobs). Kimberly works with a team of wonderful co-conspirators. You can read about some of them below. And, yes, they’re all scrappy!” – Kimberly

 Kimberly Wiefling   +1 650 867 0847
Skype: kwiefling     G+ Profile   Twitter
Founder & President, Wiefling Consulting, Inc.

Focus: Helping companies, teams & individuals achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. (>10 years w/Japanese companies)

HOW: Via my “Possibilities Toolkit“, a collection of practical magic for achieving “impossible” results!
Typical Economic Buyer: CEO, COO, VP or Director of Engineering or Product Management. HR managers, who wonder why they are not getting results equal to the resources devoted to GENERATING those results!
Why do people hire me? 
Email:  +1 650 867 0847
+1 415-430-5525
SKYPE:  nathalie.udo
Focus: Help organizations reach their business objectives through the right balance of personal coaching, project management discipline and process improvement.
Twitter:  nathalieudo
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
Why do people hire me?
  • Executive / Career coaching
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership development
  • Program management (traditional & Agile)
  • Virtual teams
  • Execution with Excellence












Focus: Consulting, advising, mentoring, training and teaching on entrepreneurship in general and on how to develop, build and lead entrepreneurial organizations.

Typical Economic Buyer: CEO, General/Division Managers, Board of Directors. Also, very young pre-startup ventures and sputtering startups.
Areas of Expertise    LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Entrepreneurship Practices
  • Organizational Entrepreneurship Turnaround
  • Organizational Management
  • Collaborations and Collaborative Management
  • Technology and Productization
Jeff Richardson
+1 650-269-5395

Chief Change Architect at Empowered Alliances

Google + ProfileSkype:Jefferson2U
Exec Director – SBODN
Focus: Developing scalable & sustainable programs to accelerate the effectiveness of global leaders and multi-cultural teams. Program’s focus in increasing trust, decision speed/quality, communication clarity, possibility mindset & getting stuff done in team meetings.

Area of Expertise:  LinkedIn Profile 

  • Cross-Cultural Team Effectiveness
  • Decisive Group Decision Making
  • Cross-Functional Project Leadership
  • Engaging Experiential Learning Design
  • Group Networking Activities & Education
Typical Economic Buyer: Engineering VP/director, OD/HR executive, Talent Development program leaders, PMO champions, conference planners.

Matt Schlegel   +1 650-924-8923

SKYPE:  smtcmatt07
Focus 1: Team-based problem solving. Using a unique collaborative methodology, we help teams innovative and execute to solve challenging problems.
Focus 2: Help start up companies manage joint product development projects with Japanese companies.
Focus 3: Deliver consulting and managed services in IT and Telecommunications.
Typical Economic Buyer: ???
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Product Development
  • Working with Asia
  • IT and Telecom industries

 Alan Tsuda

+1 408.829.1139
SKYPE:  altsu1a
Focus: Identify, assess, and close “gaps” in client ability to achieve results.
Areas of Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Process Flow
  • Tactical Execution

Pam Fox Rollin

+1 408-245-2600
415-819-2583 cell/text
SKYPE:  pfrollin


Author: 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role
Facebook Book Fan Page:
Focus: Helping executives and leadership teams start smart, shape their future, and make differences productive
Typical Economic Buyer: CMO, Business unit head, SVP HR
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Executive Coaching
  • Senior Team development and offsites
  • Executive Onboarding
  • Myers-Briggs and related models

Tom Okada
Phone: +1 408 203 2523
SKYPE: tom.okada1

Focus: Helping companies maximize the value of IP or product, to reach executive levels of target companies, build pipelines, and negotiate optimum deals for revenue generation. Providing executive level network in the US, Japan, Asia (Korea, Taiwan, China) and Europe. Helping companies manage culture gap between US and Japan for business development, project management, and organizational development.

Typical Economic Buyer:

  • Japanese companies looking to expand business in the US or do business with US companies
  • US companies looking to do business in Japan or with Japanese companies
  • US companies trying to establish market presence and subsidiary in Japan
  • Companies with technology IP and products to build business strategy, customer pipelines, and license or sell
  • Companies looking for acquisition or strategic investment

Areas of Expertise: LinkedInprofile

  • Japan US business development, strategy, sales, cross culture management
  • Telecommunications, Semiconductor, IoT/Robotics technology IP/product
Juan Montermoso
+1 408-390-6475
SKYPE:  jp.montermoso
Focus: Help global organizations analyze, develop, and integrate business strategies to accelerate marketing success
Typical Economic Buyer: COO, CMO
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • Supply Chain Practices
  • Program Management
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Leadership Development

Francine Gordon

+1 (408)777-0333
Skype:  fegordon
Focus: Helping companies become more innovative through improved people dynamics, and supporting the advancement of women in organizations through consulting, coaching, and professional development.
Typical Economic Buyer: Individuals, Teams, Leaders, and Executives committed to becoming more innovative.
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Teaming for innovation
  • Womennovation
  • Creating culture of innovation
  • Communicating with impact (for women)
  • Strategic alignment of HR processes

Kraemer Winslow 

+1 415.456.9060
SKYPE: marilynkraemerwinslow
Focus: Communications-speaking, listening, connecting with listeners.
Typical Economic Buyer: VPs of Sales; Marketing; PR; Investor Relations; CIO, COO, CEO
Areas of Expertise  LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Presentation and Keynote Coaching
  • Executive Presence
  • Stage Presence (not fright!)
  • Preparation for Media Appearances
  • Listen to Influence and Build Trust
  • Team Presentations
  • Sales Presentations
  • Presenting over the Web
  • Designing Web Courses + Delivery
  • Make Your Point with Brevity+Impact
  • How to Deliver Bad News
  • How to Work a Room

Mitchell Levy
Thought Leader Architect & CEO THiNKaha, Chief Aha Instigator, Aha Amplifier
Main: (408) 257-3000
Skype: ceonetworking
Twitter Accounts: @HappyAbout@THiNKaha

Pinterest: Author of 38 booksTHiNKaha AuthorsHappy About Authors42 Rules Authors

Focus: We turn corporate experts into recognized thought leaders. Check out the Aha Amplifier and Thought Leader Life.

Typical Economic Buyer: CEO, CMO.
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Turning Corporate Experts into Thought Leaders
  • Creating Thought Leadership
  • Helping thought leaders amplify their messages
  • Turning one piece of content into five that is shared over 10 platforms.
Keith Blackey
Global Business Expert+1 650-704-2985
We help international companies
succeed in Silicon Valley.
  • Launch plans
  • Channel strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market entry strategy
  • Temporary office space
  • Identify funding sources
  • Exhibition setup/manning
  • Interim executive leadership
  • Sales training and assistance
  • Program and project management
  • Website/literature/product localization
  • Business partner, employee, and support services suggestions and selection
LinkedIn  *  Google+  *  Facebook

Clients include numerous start ups, a $4.5 billion software company and the Afghan and British Governments.
+1 415-515-6379
SKYPE:  EricCraven
Focus: Energizes organizations, teams and individuals to work most effectively and gain the most satisfaction from their work life.
Typical Economic Buyer: Senior executive to middle manager of organization $10M +
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Project Management
Michèle Taipale
Co-Active Coaching & Consulting
+1 415 656 7284
SKYPE:  mmtaipale
FocusWe harness the power of positive psychology research to enhance your productivity, creativity, resilience and success, and help power up passion for work and life. We use our extensive business experience to harness untapped potential and bring new energy and passion to meeting your strategic objectives. 
Areas of Expertise:   Coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, Team Effectiveness
  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: the big impact of small interventions.
Neil Love  
+1 (408) 655-3954
Skype: neillove1
Focus: Enable managers and consultants to get from where they are to where they want to be faster, smoother, easier.  Provide online deep insight surveys and tools and 30 minute smart strategy sessions by phone/desktop sharing.
Typical Economic Buyer: VP of a Technical Group or HR VP in a 200  to1,000 employee high tech company.
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Organization Direction Setting
  • Organization Design & Alignment
  • Organization Transitions
  • IT Value Add Improvement
  • HR Value Add Improvement
  • Product Development Improvement
  • Corporate Initiatives/Complex Programs
  • HR & Talent Management Programs

I provide coaching and tool sets to consultants who want to make more money by offering something new to clients or are bored with what they are doing.

Denise Brosseau
Phone: 650-520-0401
SKYPE:  denise.brosseau1
Twitter: @thoughtleadrlab
Focus: Consult with executives & entrepreneurs who want to scale their impact and influence by becoming thought leaders. Also facilitate large and complex meetings; speak professionally on leadership issues and do corporate training.
Typical Economic Buyer: Senior leaders, large companies – women’s networks, community colleges.
  • Turning Corporate Experts, Non-Profit Leaders and Entrepreneurs into Thought Leaders
  • Deliver High-Impact Keynotes
  • Meeting Facilitation for Critical and Challenging Meetings
  • Deliver Fun & Engaging Training & Workshops
    • Thought Leadership
    • Career-Life Strategies
    • Networking
  • Executive Coaching for High Performing Women Leaders

Carole Amos

Phone  +1 585-729-0188
SKYPE:  carole.amos
Focus: Channel Marketing, Product Marketing

Typical Economic Buyer: VP Marketing

Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Create and manage a channel marketing program including partnership benefits and requirements, partner recruitment, joint lead generation, pricing strategy.
  • Manage the launch of products to the channel, including media plan, roll-out plan, joint events and sales collateral to jump start and increase sales.
  • Target and recruit new channel partners. Enable their sales force to rapidly learn and sell the products through targeted sales tools and training.
  • Revitalize an existing channel program. Follow-on lead generation programs, lead nurturing, account planning, sales and technical training to engage the partners in joint success.
Betty Jo WaxmanBetty Jo facilitates Personal Growth and Professional Development workshops for several highly respected seminar companies, primarily Productive Learning & Leisure, where she had been working alongside the founders for over 27 years.. She has extensive experience leading workshops on various subjects, including communication, leadership, personal presentation, team building, conflict resolution, problem solving and self-esteem. She has received numerous awards for her teaching excellence and participants in her courses attest to the effectiveness of her trainings. Betty Jo’s passion and love of her work is evident in her trainings where her style of working with people makes it safe for them to discover and learn. She is dedicated to providing high value to the participants in her courses by guiding them to create immediate results as well as long-term transformation.

Carol Smith

Carol Smith mentoring and coaching for business owners with revenue goals of six-figures to their first million and more.

Fact: 4% of US Small Businesses make $250K or more per year. Fact: 1.8% of Women Owned Business generate One Million+ per year. Fact: It’s as easy to create a thriving six or seven figure business as it is to create a five figure business.My passion is helping people thrive by creating clear paths to success. The more people I can help the better. Why? It feels really good to see a business owner go from ho hum to living the life they really want and deserve.If you’re interested in increasing revenue there are several ways we can work together.“Success is based on the quality of the questions you ask and the courage to live your dreams.”

Rosemary Coates
+1 408 605 8867
Twitter: ReshoringTeam
Focus: China Manufacturing; Reshoring; Onshoring; Logistics; Procurement
Expert Witness for Supply Chain Matters
Author of 5 books, including a Best Seller on Amazon
Typical Economic Buyer: CEO, COO, VP Supply Chain
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • Reshoring
  • China Sourcing and Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Operations

Steve Piazzale, PhD


Career/Life Coach, Host: You’re Hired! TV Show

Steve guides his clients through challenging career transitions. He helps them find the work they want and deserve more quickly than they would on their own, thus saving them time, money, and a lot of stress. His clients also learn to improve job performance and get recognized, promoted, and well-compensated. Specialties include resumes, networking, interviewing, negotiation, work/life balance, career change, job performance, and much, much more.

You can sign up for his Career newsletter and find out more about his TV show “You’re Hired!” at

Steve has a Ph.D. in Sociology (with training in Psychology) from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Santa Clara. He is a Right Management Associate and is listed in the latest edition of Richard Bolles’ “What Color is Your Parachute?”

Ken Chen

Principal, EM Marketing

Ken is a Marketing and Product expert with over 15 years. He started his career in Brand Management (P&G), moved into Product Management (Intuit), and then Internet Marketing (Homestead, Driveway and Presto). He brings his broad range of experience and skills to each engagement and combines it with a true entrepreneurial spirit, having started his own companies. Most recently, he has been swept up in the Social Media wave and is a firm believer that it is transforming businesses for the better.

Ken also provides career transition and work/life balance coaching through Pause Coaching. In his spare time, he has 2 young children, manages a perpetually 2nd place fantasy football team, loves independent movies, inexpensive but good food, and most sports.

Sam Hahn

Vice president, Engineering, eGain

Before joining eGain, Sam was VP of Engineering at Purisma, where he was responsible for all product development activities.

Other positions held by him include Director of Product Marketing – Architecture and Infrastructure at Siebel Systems, VP of Engineering at, and Co-Founder and CTO at DocuMagix.

Sam has a BS in Mathematics from Stanford University. He is active in various professional groups in Silicon valley, and is a partner at Sand Hill Angels, a private equity firm.

 Inge Tiegel Doherty

Inge Tiegel Doherty

Mobile Phone: +1.415.722.1675
SKYPE:  inge622
Focus: Change Management and Communications
Typical Economic Buyer: CEO/COO/VP or
Business leader in HR, IT or PMO
Areas of Expertise:       LinkedIn PROFILE
Masterful change agent and strategic thinker with strong leadership, program management and analytical skills. Eclectic work background in a variety of industries, varying from Fortune 500 companies to start ups, nonprofits, and local government. Versatile, innovative and adept in communication & messaging, leadership development, employee engagement, team-building, & strategic planning.
Broad experience in subject matter and methods of change work such as: organizational surveys and assessments, executive messaging and communications, stakeholder engagement, leadership development, group/team dynamics, change adoption, and systems implementations
 Sandra Clark

+1 (408) 781-6843
SKYPE:  Sandra.Clark13
Focus: I help people to transform their LinkedIn profiles to represent themselves authentically for results.
Typical Economic Buyer: Successful professionals who are too busy or aren’t sure how to represent themselves well on LinkedIn.
Areas of Expertise   LinkedIn PROFILE
  • LinkedIn Training and Coaching

Camille Smith

Fueled by her unwavering commitment to unleash people’s potential, Camille helps leaders and teams effectively and respectfully work together to solve tough issues and produce business-critical results.

Camille Smith, president of Work In Progress Coaching, understands what it takes to change at the individual, team and organizational levels. It’s not easy and it’s required for leaders and their organizations in their quest to deliver value to the marketplace. Specializing in leadership development and team building, Camille provides the knowledge and support to help you create relationships of trust that produce outstanding results. She doesn’t bring the answers; she brings them out of you. Visit her Web site her

Loyal Mealer

Founder, and

Loyal has more than 25 years of project engineering and management experience in R&D, manufacturing, and information technology. Has worked in the high-tech industry as a design engineer, section manager and manufacturing engineering manager and has led teams that included virtual and telecommuting contributors from all over the world. He is an expert in the use of collaborative technologies for vitual teams and has led advanced technology development efforts to improve the effectiveness of virtual workers. He has a BS in Electronics and Computer Science and lives in California’s Silicon Valley.


William Andrejko
Mei Lin Fung


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