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“I’ve engaged Kimberly as a coach to help me define a new business effort. I’ve invited her to lead workshops for the Software Development Best Practices special interest group I co-chair. When she put on a half-day workshop on “Practical Leadership and Management Practices that Improve Business Results”, I made sure not to miss it! New nuggets of management wisdom crystallized for me during the span of just a few hours. Kimberly is almost scary energetic. But her energy is always directed to helping her clients “get it”. I count myself  lucky to have experienced her program.” – Ron Lichty, Associate Director, Publisher Services, HighWire, Stanford University

LEADERSHIP isn’t the same as MANAGEMENT.
A GROUP of PEOPLE isn’t the same as a REAL TEAM.

#1 Engaged Employees –> Agile Teams
#2 Agile Leadership and Management (Fast, Focused, Flexible) wins in a VUCA World.
#3 Diverse Global Teams Win – Crossing Borders and Boundaries of Every Kind

My superpower is to help organizations achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. The secret to success? It isn’t secret! But it does take discipline, and a bit of guidance and support. The best compliment anyone ever paid me is that I’m a “force of nature” (the good kind!). Reading about exercise won’t make you strong, and leadership “training” doesn’t turn people into leaders. I create a “learning laboratory” where people can experiment with more powerful ways of leading, behaving and communicating like the kind of leaders you admire. My “workSHOCK” therapy changes behavior in ways that positively impact business results.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is the result of PURPOSEFUL WORK in an environment of TRUST, not free lunches and other perks. What’s more meaningful than making a positive difference to Our World?! What is the future of our Planet Earth? Will governments solve our most pressing problems? Personally, I strongly believe that our best hope for the future lies in helping global companies solve our problems – profitably, and thus sustainably. That’s why my colleagues and I work with global business teams – to solve important problems that seem impossible, but are merely difficult.

GLOBAL TEAMS: We help “groups of people” rapidly become “true teams” by building trust and tackling challenges worthy of them, so that they can achieve what would be impossible for any individual acting alone. And we help these teams accelerate their progress by applying common sense principles proven effective globally in the real business world. Plus, we make it fun. Bonus!

MY CLIENTS: I mainly consult with Silicon Valley companies and with Japanese companies in the Global 1000 companies, facilitating intensive global leadership workshops for cross-cultural teams.

MY WORK: Includes keynote speaking, consulting, coaching, and facilitating leadership, creativity, innovation, team effectiveness, project management, and execution excellence workshops. A typical consulting engagement might evolve like this:

* kickoff meeting with executive sponsor.
* focal interviews to assess the current situation and create a gap analysis.
* meet with sponsor to share a visualization and summary results of focal interviews.
* 1 day kickoff event with the core team to get things rolling with 1-3 key initiatives.
* shadow project manage some of the most pressing initiatives via coaching of the project leads.
* every month do a workshop to build a common framework of skills and address some of their most pressing challenges.

For a description of the intensive Global Leadership & Business Management Programs global Japanese businesses are hiring Kimberly and her team to facilitate, click here.

People Leadership: Lead your business more effectively.

  • Transformational (vs. Transactional) Leadership
  • Collaborative Leadership Methodologies that Generate Buy-in & Commitment
  • Leading From Any Chair!
  • Strategic Planning & Goal Clarity
  • Scorecards and Dashboards of Success
  • Company-wide Goal Alignment
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Teamwork and Decision-making
  • Values-based Leadership

Program Management: Manage projects with greater ease.

  • Customer-centric Project Leadership
  • Crystal Clear Goals and Objectives
  • Roles and Responsibilities with Buy-in
  • Challenging, Achievable Plans & Schedules
  • Timeline Risk Analysis for Uncertain Times
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation as well as Upside! (Yes, there is always upside!)
  • Key Stakeholder Communication Strategies

Product Lifecycle Excellence: Deliver products and services more predictably.

  • Sensible Product Development and Service Delivery Lifecycles
  • Clarifying Phases, Decision Points and Milestones – even if you use Agile, Scrum and the like
  • Cross-functional Deliverables Clarity
  • Core Team and Extended Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • Executive Sponsorship, Support & Appropriate Oversight
  • Project Reviews that Move the Ball Forward
  • Portfolio Management to Optimize Results

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