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“To put it simply, I would never bet against Kimberly – failure is just not in her vocabulary. I have great admiration and respect for her ability to guide individuals, teams and projects to success. As a colleague, and in many ways a student, of hers, she quickly demonstrated to me how to achieve your goals regardless of your background and experience.” – Jateen Parekh, Co-Founder, CTO, COO,

Enable Managers –> Leaders!

Enable Groups of People –> Real Teams!

Kimberly_IIOC_VideoKimberly’s superpower is to facilitate teams in achieving what they initially consider “impossible”. How? By turning MANAGERS into LEADERS and GROUPS into TRUE TEAMS that employ common SENSE as common PRACTICE! Yah, there are other nuances, such as using design thinking approaches, sensible product development lifecycle and project management processes, and ensuring the work environment is NOT one of the sick, twisted, dysfunctional organizations filled with “bossholes” that suck people’s will to live! A physicist by education, she long ago learned the importance of human skills, what some of her techno colleagues call “touchy feely crap”, in achieving breakthrough results in teams. Her track record in supporting IMPOSSIBLE –> INEVITABLE is a compelling reason to reach out to Kimberly if you are facing challenges that seem highly unlikely or darned near impossible. One conversation for possibilities could be the beginning of a new future for you, your people and your organization.

Kimberly is a founding member of The Institute for Inspired Organizational Culture. Materials from the IIOC workshop series on organizational wellbeing and happiness are free for educational and charitable organizations.  You can watch her free video on organizational culture here.

Do you have good, smart people working for you who just can’t seem to deliver the results your business needs consistently and predictably? Are you frustrated by the difficulty of getting cross-functional or cross-cultural groups of people to work together as real teams? Would you like your mid-level managers to become real leaders, capable of leading your company in the increasingly complex business world? Teams are failing for entirely predictable and avoidable reasons. Common sense tools and approaches, applied with discipline, will dramatically increase your ability to achieve results. The path to predictable, repeatable results is common sense! I help make common sense common practice. Unfortunately really smart people prefer complicated solutions . . . but a simple solution awaits: Disciplined people, thinking and acting with discipline, to do what is required . . . whether they feel like it or not!

MY DREAM FOR OUR WORKING WORLD: I love to work with purpose-driven organizations committed to optimizing overall “success”, starting with defining what exactly “success” is for their complex stakeholder universe. Doing this we demonstrate the superior results (including financial) such organizations enjoy, attract more investors to these better-performing investments (long-term), and attract more and better workers to these organizations. Eventually both investments and workers preferentially flow to these kinds of organizations instead of the soul-sucking variety, and the sick, twisted, dysfunctional organizations of Our World, which will eventually wither and die for lack of financial resources and people.

Keynote Speaking & “Lunch and Learns”  . . . that Inspire and Entertain

Send us details about your event and audience and we’ll conjure up something extraordinary. Sample Topics.

Learning Laboratory Workshops . . . that Immediately Improve Business Results

“Training” doesn’t change behavior, and changed behavior is required for improved business results.  Kimberly delivers! Sample Topics.

Silicon Valley Experiences  . . . that Transform Possibilities into Reality

Come breathe the air of Silicon Valley and get infected by the “Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Virus“!!

Thinking Partner Coaching . . . that accelerates the achievement of the “impossible”

Dare to dream bigger dreams, and accelerate the achievement of these dreams through a powerfully supportive “thinking partnership” with Kimberly. Her track record of opening the door to amazing breakthroughs for other people extends over 15 years and a wide range of examples of the “impossible” becoming inevitable.

Consulting . . . that Dramatically Improves Business Results

Improved business results requires changes in Action, Communication, and Thinking (ACT). Results-focused consulting doesn’t just deliver recommendations or create dependency. To achieve real and sustainable change, ACT! Kimberly is obsessed with results, and overcoming negative stereotypes of consultants.

Energizing and Effective Facilitation . . . that Brings People Together

Strategic Planning Offsites, Project Kickoffs, Executive Working Sessions, and Team Events produce better results when taken with a dose of Kimberly.

Executive Forums  . . . that Engage and Ignite Action

People need to eat anyhow, so spend your lunchtime with us to learn and grow as a team. Sample Topics.

Breakthrough Results 

Meetings CAN be real work . . . if you prepare for them and execute them with excellence!

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Kick Offs
  • Important Meetings
  • Events
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