Client Testimonials

"Your e-mail is inspiring. You are inspiring. I'm bawling my eyes out right now just from pure awe. When I think of what we have accomplished over the last five years, who would have guessed?

Thank you for your support in this Kimberly . I really mean it when I say that I could not have done it without you - because I wouldn't have had the vision, or the courage. I really appreciate all you have given to my dream - and continue to give."

Brenda K., Elite Horse Clothing

"Kimberly took me to the next level in taking on a leadership role. She encouraged me to success."
Sherry Parsons, Executive Administrative Manager, Earthbound Farm

"Kimberly is a whole energy level unto herself. I call it the "Kimberly Factor". Her passion to give, teach and mentor excels people, programs and companies."
Bonnie Savage, CEO Assistant, JDSU

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Start, Run, and Grow Your Business!

If you're still clinging to the hope that you'll be able to ride out the rest of your less-than-satisfying career collecting a paycheck from someone else's business, you're playing with fire. Not only are you missing out on a phenomenal legitimate tax deduction, as you age you are at increasing risk of being abruptly thrown out of your job after years of even exemplary service.  Take this opportunity to create your own business and your economic independence!

Wiefling Consulting has a track record of helping people just like you start, run and grow their own businesses.  Of course many startups don't work out, and we have been involved in plenty of those. Here are a few of our success stories.

Kimberly has been providing guidance and support for the CEO of Embedded Works since the very beginning, and this company has bootstrapped its way to a 7 figure annual revenue without external funding. After 12 years, Embedded Works now has collaborations with Fortune 500 companies and offshore resources that provide a total embedded/wireless solution to clients.
With Kimberly's support, Elite Horse Clothing closed an international licensing deal with a distributor in the UK, "About Tack".  See the innovative EHC fly mask on their web site here. Elite Horse Clothing continues to provide their updated products to raving fans who swear by their products. After 8 years there's no substitute for the belly protector!

PYMWYM (Pre-launch) - Kimberly is a trusted adviser in this early stage company committed to increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of recruiting talented people.

Not all startups succeed. Kimberly's proud to have been personally involved with these glorious entrepreneurship adventures: Candescent, ReplayTV, Coactify, GroupFire (a Xerox PARC spinoff acquired by Google), Drawn Planet, Vistigo, ZooQ . . .
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