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Kimberly’s edgy style and heartfelt delivery makes her a popular keynote speaker, webinar speaker, and workshop facilitator. An engaging presenter, Kimberly has been invited to speak on a wide variety topics for government agencies, universities, social organizations and corporations. She’s an unforgettable live wire! Her high levels of audience interaction make sure everyone’s wide awake and engaged. Please contact her if your team would benefit from being touched by what some people have called the ‘Kimberly Magic’.

“If you can replace my event with a video, I have failed you!” – Kimberly Wiefling

Some Possible Keynote Themes – VIRTUAL or IN PERSON

(customized to your event)

    • Power Poisoning. A bit dangerous given the current political situation.
    • Dealing with assholes . . . bosses, colleagues, etc.
    • Dysfunctional Organizations . . . how can we get so many smart people together, but the organization has the IQ of an insect?!
    • Employee engagement . . . pathetic at 30% average, and 60% among Gallup’s greatest?!!
    • Avoiding stone age practices in a digital world
    • Examples of functional organizations.
    • Inspiring case studies.
    • How to fix the above nonsense.
    • Leadership
      • The Difference Between Leadership & Management
      • Self-leadership: Overcoming the Roots of Self-induced Ineffectiveness
      • 1:1 Leadership
      • Team Leadership
      • Organizational Leadership
      • Global Leadership
    • Employee Engagement: Creating Work Environments that Engage People & Connect to Purpose
    • Team effectiveness – Remote Teams that ROCK!
    • Criticism vs. Feedback: Giving & Receiving Feedback Effectively
    • Sensible Program & Project Management:  Making Common Sense → Common Practice
    • Organizational Culture/DNA – Creating Organizations That Don’t Suck Your Will to Live
    • Creativity/Innovation/Design Thinking
    • Catalytic Mechanisms – Emergent Behavior – Effortless Ways to Transform Things for the Better
    • Inclusivity in Teams – Increased Emotional Intelligence Through the Enneagram, and other Enneagram workshops
    • Introduction to Virtual Communication (mostly Zoom, but other platforms possible)


Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture


Women in Business


Team Effectiveness

Global Leadership


Creativity & Innovation


Scrappy Project Management – The 12 Predictable and Avoidable Pitfalls Every Project Faces

Product Development

Naturally a video can’t fully capture the energy that has earned her the label “A force of nature”, but here’s a little bit of what Kimberly delivered for the Institute of Inspired Organizational Cultures:

Check out this brief video about meeting effectiveness as an example of Kimberly’s highly non-traditional approach:

Don’t like THAT video? You’re REALLY gonna hate my IN PERSON workshops! 😱🤪🐔

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