Keynote – Becoming a Truly Global Human Being

HeartWorld-iStock_000018974106XSmallBecoming a Truly Global Human Being

Globalization in today’s world is rapid and inescapable. Many projects these days involve geographically dispersed teams comprised of members from a wide variety of countries and cultures. While language barriers, decision-making style, and time zones are well-recognized challenges, the positive benefits of global teams continue to drive this trend. As Dr. Deming once said “No one has to change. Survival is optional.”

How prepared are you to participate in this global revolution? What can you do to meet these exciting challenges successfully? While web-based team collaboration tools and ‘the cloud’ hold promise, no team collaboration tool can make up for a lack of trust and understanding among human beings. The airplane remains the single most effective tool for distributed project teams.

Becoming ‘global minded’ is a 21st century survival skill, but what does it mean and how can you achieve it? This lively and engaging keynote will provoke your thinking and broaden your horizons with statistics, stories, and personal insights gained from experience working with people from over 50 different countries. You’ll leave with a few more handy tools in your global project team toolbox as well as a keener sense of what it means to be a truly global human being.

Available Formats:

Keynotes – 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 hours

Workshops 0.5 day, 1.0 days

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