Product Development

Developing a New Product?

What are you doing to ensure that you don’t contribute to these daunting statistics?

  • Nearly 75% of all development projects miss their target release date or never ship at all.
  • Depending on industry, between 60% and 90% of all new products fail to meet customer expectations.
  • 1 in 600 products industry-wide meet their original sales/profit targets.
  • Productive Work Time/Total Work Time can be less than 10%. –Hammer and Company and the Aberdeen Group+.
Are you Steve Jobs? You don’t need us! But if you’re not, our program can give you access to world-class entrepreneurial results. The enlightened collaboration of a fully functional team beats the lone entrepreneur 99% of the time.
SUCCESS EXAMPLE 1 – In a half day a team was taken from hopelessly stuck, in conflict, with several key members considering quitting, to what the CEO has been referring to as “the turning point for our company”.
SUCCESS EXAMPLE 2 – In 2 days a fragmented group of individuals coalesced into a team with a shared appreciation of their history, and a strong commitment to a shared future that required them to work together as a team. The CEO said “These 2 days saved us 2 months in this process of becoming a real team.”

Let Wiefling Consulting show you how to guide your product to success! We don’t believe in creating additional levels of bureaucracy or unnecessary processes. Our goal is to provide you with a sensible and adaptable, lightweight process that will efficiently and effortlessly meet your needs. With 10 years of experience at HP working in the biotech-centric analytical products division and the timing and network synchronization division, Wiefling Consulting will show you how to:

  • Streamline your product development practices
  • Increase your revenue over the life of the product
  • Reduce costs
  • Mitigate or avoid unacceptable risks
  • Reduce time to market
  • Aoid the common costly mistakes that many companies make
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