Hour of Power “Thinking Partner” Coaching

“The hours that make us happy make us wise.” — John Edward Masefield.

That breakthrough hour of creative thinking can be yours now. Imagine a new way of solving even your most difficult issues. Get an hour of 1-on-1 professional consulting by phone with Kimberly Wiefling herself.  First time clients can receive an additional 30 minutes by mentioning this offer from the website.  That’s 90 minutes total.

It is rumored that Kimberly can also even prepare you well for a spouse’s inevitable “We need to talk” discussions. She’s that good. This is a special introductory offer for consultation by phone or at Kimberly’s office in the Silicon Valley, California.

$450.00  (Discount available for self-funded and unemployed peeps.)

"Thinking Partner" Packages

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