Overcoming the Global Pandemic of Dysfunctional Workplaces and Disengaged Employees

Overcoming the Global Epidemic of Dysfunctional Workplaces and Disengaged Employees

Decades of research – as well as common sense – suggest that unmotivated people working in unhealthy workplaces are less productive, less innovative, and less creative. But, although it’s well known how to engage employees and create healthy work environments, employee engagement in America is barely above 30%, and in Germany it’s a mere 15% on average. Globally the statistics on employee engagement are even worse, with Japan at a shocking 6% of employees engaged! Why? Organizational culture.

Peter Drucker reportedly said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” An organization’s culture is as invisible as the air that we breathe, and as inescapable as gravity. Unfortunately no one feels personally responsible for creating the culture! Is it possible that – long ago – aliens landed on Earth, established sick, twisted, dysfunctional organizations, and then left? Probably not!

Let’s consider an even scarier possibility, that WE are creating our workplace cultures. The upside of this is that we also have the power to change it for the better. Come explore the dark side of organizations, and the bright future available to those who are determined to “lead from any chair” to re-shape their organizations and generate great results by design.


  • Most frequent reasons for failure in global teams and the underlying causes of those failures.
  • Key factors required for employee engagement, and the sorry state of low engagement globally.
  • How to “lead from any chair”, without position or title, to make a positive and meaningful difference.
  • Why even executives don’t feel responsible for this tragic loss of productivity.

Don’t F.A.I.L. for these self-imposed reasons:

  • Fear of failure
  • Aversion to planning
  • Instinct for competition
  • Learned Helplessness
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