People Leadership and Business Management for Technical Professionals

People Leadership and Business Management for Technical Professionals

The skills and abilities that make you successful as a technical professional are valuable, but they won’t be enough to enable you to succeed in managing a business or leading a team. Business management involves planning, organizing, budgeting, staffing, controlling, and correcting off-track conditions. Leadership involves setting a clear direction, aligning people on that direction, and then motivating them to go in that direction. None of this is rocket science . . . it’s much more difficult, because it involves human beings, teamwork, and the challenges of working in complex organizations. This workshop series will powerfully support you in successfully transitioning from a technical lead role to leading people and managing a business.

Key areas include:

* Grow as a Leader – The Endless Journey

* Expand Your Communication Toolkit – Listening is Your Secret Weapon

* Master Project Management Basics – Avoid Predictable Pitfalls and Execute with Excellence

* Develop Your People – Leverage Ability and Spark Motivation

* Unleash the Group Genius – Creativity and Innovation in Action

* Team Effectiveness – Work Together to Achieve What’s Impossible for One Person

* Organizational Savvy – Navigate, Steer, and Lead Beyond Boundaries

Achieve Results – Only 10% of managers truly act purposefully to get the most important work accomplished. Be one of them.

The workshop environment is a laboratory, not a classroom. These lively and engaging experiential workshops are designed to change thinking and behavior, and dramatically improve business results. Taught by a team, the workshop facilitators are experienced, successful, and skillful guides on your journey to more effective management and leadership. Hey, you’re a technical person – you’re really smart! You could take a decade to learn on your own and make these changes yourself . . . the hard way . . . but these workshops will save you time, and your team will be grateful you chose this route!

Format: Flexible. The entire program is about 120 hours to do in total, but we could offer an ongoing series of workshops that would cover some of the various topics in half-day segments, or in “lunch and learn” 2 hour sessions.

Customization: Both content and format are customized to meet your needs.

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