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For more information about Wiefling Consulting, “Scrappy Project Management”, “The Scrappy Guides” and Kimberly Wiefling, please feel free to download any of the following items (zip format unless specified otherwise):

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  1. About the Scrappy Guides
  2. Kimberly Wiefling’s Biography
  3. Kimberly Wiefling’s Photo
  4. The Scrappy Guides Press Release : 9-30-2007
    Silicon Valley Vet Kimberly Wiefling’s New Book Exposes the 12 Hidden Pitfalls of Managing Every Project
  5. Scrappy Project Management Cover Art (Large)
  6. Scrappy Project Management Cover Art (Medium)
  7. Scrappy Project Management Flyer (Printable)
  8. Chapter 1: Customer? What Customer? (pdf)


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