Client Testimonials

"Not a day goes by here when I don't use something I learned in the "Leading From Any Seat in the Org" class that you taught here last year. In fact, the manager of one of the folks who went through the class last year said his employee was transformed by the experience." - Lesley Kew, Intuit

"Your workshop was one of the most influential one I 've ever experienced" - Ken Tachi, ALC Education, Japan "The door was opened to improvement where process is no longer a four letter word. I would love to work with you again sometime." - D.C., VP of Manufacturing

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Other Recommended Books

no asshole rule
THE NO ASSHOLE RULE: BUILDING A CIVILIZED WORKPLACE AND SURVIVING ONE THAT ISN'T . . . . No matter how talented, certified assholes reduce the overall performance of organizations and create a soul-sucking environment that saps the morale of the entire organization.
knowing doing gap
THE KNOWING-DOING GAP: HOW SMART COMPANIES TURN KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION. . . . If knowing “how” was enough we’d all be rich and thin! What sets apart truly successful people from the wannabees? Doing it! This book explains what stops people from crossing the chasm between knowing and doing and how to leap the gap.
BLINK: THE POWER OF THINKING WITHOUT THINKING . . . Sometimes we “know” without knowing how we know. This book is a fascinating journey into how these snap judgments are made, when they make sense, and when to be cautious about putting too much stock in them. Every bit as compelling as is other book “The Tipping Point”, the best thing for me about this book is that it helped me to finally understand why so many CEOs are tall!
THE FIVE DYSFUNCTIONS OF A TEAM . . . When building healthy and productive teams.
FIRST BREAK ALL THE RULES . . . When building managers who get great results.
GOOD TO GREAT . . . When building exceptional organizations committed to results.
TIME TO THINK: LISTENING TO IGNITE THE HUMAN MIND . . . When creating a thinking environment where generous listening flourishes.
DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS . . . When getting the dead moose out on the table, and holding conversations that get results.
CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS . . . When you need to have the conversations that matter most.
GETTING TO YES . . . When negotiating anything with anybody, without your company or outside.
SOFTWARE PROJECT SURVIVAL GUIDE. . . When you need to run sensible and predictable software development projects.
SETTING THE PACE IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT . . . When building product lifecycle excellence.
THE TIPPING POINT . . . when tackling and understanding how ideas spread and change happens.
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