"You rocked the house with your presentation this morning on effective communication styles! Because of your energetic yet sensible and practical approach, some very conservative people in the room showed a new side of themselves. This is a tribute to your energizing delivery about how to better communicate and more effectively lead. My hat is off to you!"

- Linda Holroyd, CEO Fountain Blue

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Scrappy Fridge Game

Think you are a Hot Scrappy Project Manager?

Have you no fear of being driven to the depths of insanity by a game featuring a common kitchen appliance?


Then play it if you must. Discover the Scrappy Project Management Checklist complete with snarky bonus comments. Do it, but we warned you!

I need to cheat while no one is looking.

Read more about the Scrappy Project Management Checklist in Kimberly's book.

Looney player comment on Fridge Magnet Madness:

"I could have beat this if I had enough time. Where did this Kimberly Wiefling come from anyway?  Is she some walking thesaurus on adjectives and project management? I know I can beat this..."

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