Meet the Scrappy Guides

What is Scrappy?

The Scrappy Guides is a series of books to help you accomplish the impossible! Those of you who say it can’t be done should stay out of the way of those of us doing it!

Scrappy means ATTITUDE.

Scrappy means not relying on a title to be a leader.

Scrappy means being willing to take risks and put yourself out there.

Scrappy means doing the right thing, even when you don’t feel like it.

Scrappy means having the steely resolve of a street fighter.

Scrappy means sticking to your guns even if you’re shaking in your boots.

Scrappy means being committed beyond reason to making a difference.

Scrappy means caring about something more than you care about being comfortable, socially acceptable, or politically correct.

Scrappy means being absolutely, totally committed to extraordinary results. Scrappy means EDGY! . . . and is your edge in achieving outrageous results even when they seem impossible.

The Scrappy Guides help you muster the courage and commitment to pursue your goals-even when there is no evidence that you can succeed. They will be your shield against the naysayers who will try to undermine you, and they will give you comfort during the inevitable failures that accompany most worthy pursuits. When you fail, fail fast, fail forward, in the direction of your goals, lurching fitfully if you must. Sometimes success is built on the foundation of a very tall junk pile. Let’s get scrappy!

SCRAPPY PROJECT MANAGEMENT is the first of the Scrappy Guides. It contains guidelines that you and your team can use to your advantage to deliver results when the odds are against you. Whether you are a project manager who is new to the field, a seasoned project manager in the midst of a project gone haywire, or a participant in projects where no one appears to be holding the reins, SCRAPPY PROJECT MANAGEMENT will prime your neural pump with ideas that can get you unstuck, moving, and then steering in the direction of your goals.

This book is a collection of wisdom on how to get results when the odds are against you,scrappy_checklistwhen precedence says it can’t be done, and when the majority of humans believe your project is impossible. It’s a book for people who aren’t bound by convention, assumptions, or self-limiting beliefs. It’s for people who can be counted on to get the job done through hard work, creative thinking, basic common sense, and sheer persistence.

SCRAPPY PROJECT MANAGEMENT is the real deal. It cuts through the BS right to the bone. Structured around the dirty dozen of worst project practices, the 12 predictable and avoidable pitfalls that every project faces, this book describes what REALLY happens in the project environment, and how to survive and thrive in the maelstrom.

SCRAPPY PROJECT MANAGEMENT is for those who have the stamina to do what needs to be done in their businesses, and the resolve to go the distance. Let’s all chant together the scrappy words of Will Willis: “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

Enjoy the ride!

SCRAPPY PROJECT MANAGEMENT is full of real-world examples, clear calls to action and many pithy and practical “Scrappy Tips” to guide your actions.

For example. “Real boats rock.” – Frank Herbert
NOW do you understand why you NEED to read the Chapter on Risk Management?

“Pre-emptive Pessimism.” “Purposely Purposeless Customers.” Know what they are? Know how to combat them? See Chapters 9 and 10.

“Hope is Not a Strategy”

“Learn from experience. Make new and more exciting mistakes each time!”

“Knowing is Not Doing. Knowledge alone changes nothing unless it is put into action. You’ll never lose weight by reading a diet book.”

Uh.Ahem.knowing you need to read Scrappy Project Management is not enough – you have to read it!

“If opportunity came disguised as temptation, one knock would be enough.” Lane Olinghouse

But it doesn’t and it isn’t. There is no reason to wait any longer: Go Ahead, Get Scrappy!

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