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What does it mean to be Scrappy? We have a long definition, but, to really learn all about how to be or become Scrappy in a variety of fields, read the terrific books on this page.Check out the complete series of Scrappy Books, some written by, and all edited by, Kimberly Wiefling. Available from Amazon and the publisher, Happy About

Here’s a gift for you all . . . the audio version of my book, Scrappy Project Management – read by “Radio Voice” William Andrejko and me. Enjoy!

Get the full scoop on Scrappy Project Management.

Scrappy Project Management

My favorite review of my Scrappy Project Management book: “Your book is such a treat to read. Only someone who has survived being in a company knows this stuff. The rest croaked from stress, suicide, heart attack and so on. The literary style is riveting. Talk about being nailed by a book! Most books are so stuffy and boring that they lead to SBD (sudden book death). This occurs when the reader goes to sleep so rapidly that their head jerks forward instantly and the spinal nerves snap from the action of the head coming to rest in the forward position.”

#8 in BooksProfessional & TechnicalBusiness ManagementManagement & LeadershipProject Management
#8 in BooksBusiness & InvestingManagement & LeadershipProject Management
#29 in BooksBusiness & InvestingManagement & LeadershipMotivational

Scrappy Information Security

Scrappy Project Management in Japanese

248位 ─ ビジネス・経済実践経営・リーダーシップリーダーシップ
3291位 ─ コンピュータ・IT
4520位 ─ ビジネス・経済ビジネス実用

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