Sidebar – Testimonial – If you have an opportunity

If you have the opportunity to take a workshop with Wiefling in person, don’t walk, RUN to sign up at your earliest opportunity. Her classes are Fun, Entertaining, high energy, and you learn some of the most incredible things. Don’t miss it. The only downside to her class is that everything else you take thereafter will pale in comparison. One of the finest class experiences I’ve ever had. -Dan in California

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have an experienced professional like you at my side to launch the Consulting Special Interest Group tomorrow. The agenda looks great and I am convinced that we are well prepared for a productive and successful meeting tomorrow.” – Patricia B., Emerald Hills Strategy Consultants

“It is delightful to have you work with us. You are already having a positive impact on the whole project situation.” – Natasha S., Replay Networks

“All the advice you gave me during our last meeting is paying off. Who could believe having a white board would do wonders – – just as you said. . . . this afternoon my manager said “You’re so organized and such a good communicator.” – Patty Boone, Hewlett-Packard Co.

“Kimberly is one of the most enthusiastic and up-beat people I have ever worked with. She is driven by the belief that it is more than her job, it is her obligation, to make those around her successful. She is an exceptionally quick study with a firm grounding in science and engineering. Kimberly . . . easily identifies choke points to progress as well as opportunities for leverage. She is a model of persistence . . .” – Ron H., Candescent Technologies Corporation

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