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Client Testimonials

“Not a day goes by here when I don’t use something I learned in the “Leading From Any Seat in the Org” class that you taught here last year. In fact, the manager of one of the folks who went through the class last year said his employee was transformed by the experience.” – Lesley Kew, Intuit

“Your workshop was one of the most influential one I’ve ever experienced” – Ken Tachi, ALC Education, Japan

“The door was opened to improvement where process is no longer a four letter word. I would love to work with you again sometime.” – D.C., VP of Manufacturing

“Kimberly facilitated executive offsite strategy meetings, provided executive coaching, and managed a product rollout project at Rockliffe. She’s incredibly dynamic, insightful, and motivating, with an incredible skill at using humor to get people to understand and accept what they otherwise might not. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her into any situation where management consulting was needed.” – Chuck Berg, VP of Engineering, Rockliffe, Inc.

“Kimberly helped me create an actionable list that was pure gold. Taking the time to work with Kimberly forced me to articulate the challenges I face and talk through possibilities.” – Aylon Engler, CEO and Founder, BetaSphere

“Working with Kimberly was both energizing and enlightening. She has an uncanny ability to help you organize your own thoughts and ideas, then help you apply these ideas to accomplish your goals. My time with Kimberly was well spent!” – C.T., Product Development Manager, Agilent Technologies

“Kimberly is like a hidden treasure to the technology industry, one who especially understands the true science and source of success for Tech Companies. When discovered by a company she can enrich any organization for success by harnessing the power within a companies most valuable asset, the individual people and teams that form the entity. By developing healthy organizational environments, that increases employee engagement and in turn improves their overall performance. This I believe to be of greater importance than technology innovation, “Organizational Innovation” is the new frontier, because healthy, happy employees makes for greater engagement and from greater engagement comes the greatest innovations. So this is why I highly recommend Kimberly Wiefling.” – Jude Mark, CEO

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