Sidebar – Testimonial – I really liked your workshop

Client Testimonials

“Working with Kimberly is a delight. She helps me discover insights about myself and my business that I am confident will take me to the next level. It does not hurt that she has such an upbeat, positive, and energetic attitude. I highly recommend her for anyone that is contemplating taking on a major challenge, or trying to overcome a big problem, in a professional and/or personal situation.” – Aki Ohashi, Evolution Ventures, Vice President

“I really liked your workshop and see great possibilities for using “breakthrough thinking” in other settings in both the corporate and educational worlds.” – Andrea S., Live Oak Elementary School District

“For Believing in us, showing up, and helping us realize our dreams – we thank you.” – Mindy & Ray, TOCWM

“Thank you so much for the insightful, inspiring, and useful talk this morning. You have a real talent!” – A.S.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar. Last night was a breakthrough for me. All of my negativity is gone, and I have been able to plow through so much stuff today. I am a dynamo!” – S.H.

In one hour Kimberly uncovered true essentials of professional development and networking skills that now shine like diamonds in my head.” – A. D.

“You provided me so many gifts yesterday. I feel like a large weight has fallen from my back. I’m smiling and feel better about having some direction, thank to you!” – P.R.

“Thank you for inspiring me to be the leader I aspire to be. You are a great model of the courageous leadership philosophy in action.” – J.R.

“You were so helpful in giving us food for thought with the many processes we need to put in place. Thanks!” – Carol Holmes

Thanks for your timely advice this week! You have the right templates and tools that you can send at a moment’s notice, even at midnight! You truly care about the long term success of our company. And last, but not least, I can count on you to understand my half-finished thoughts because you are smart, flexible, and have a big heart!” – Ernest Mak, Houzz

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