Silicon Valley Innovation Mindset – A Prerequisite for a Successful Life in Today’s Global World

DESCRIPTION: Intelligence, education, and experience don’t guarantee results. Some of the biggest challenges individuals must overcome to achieve success are:

  • Fear of Failure.
  • Aversion to Planning.
  • Instinct for Competition & assuming that their goals are “impossible”.
  • Learned Helplessness.

And teams commonly fail due to entirely predictable, and largely avoidable, challenges such as lack of trust, poor communication and unclear goals. Obviously common SENSE is NOT common PRACTICE. If knowing how to do something were enough we’d all be rich and thin! In fact, there’s a giant chasm between knowing how to do something and doing it. Better technology and smarter people won’t bridge this gap. The biggest challenges we face in working effectively, and working together, are attributable to our human nature. As Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck pointed out, our mindset is as important as our skill set, and strongly influences our ability to achieve success.

This highly interactive and engaging workshop will challenge you to confront your instinctive ways of doing things. Through our experiential “learning lab” you will be invited to adopt a more effective mindset, as well as practices, that will dramatically improves your chances of “success” in your work and your life.

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