How to Start a Home Design Business

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When you want to start a home design business, especially when setting up by yourself with very little cash, you have to become a bit more creative about sourcing your new customers. One very clever way of finding potential new customers locally is to look around for properties who are having double glazing windows installed.

When people are replacing windows and doors, they are usually in the process of sprucing up their homes, but many homeowners lack the time to do their own decorating. This is where you can spot an opportunity for your services to be in demand.

Posting Business Cards and Flyers

Your business cards and flyers can be a very important part of attracting new customers to your home design business. These tools are a very cost-effective way of raising awareness of your business and will tell potential new clients exactly what you are offering.

New double glazing windows are a great focal point to target for your home design service. You can highlight the fact that homeowners will be wanting new curtains or blinds for their windows. You can explain that you can help them with this and also coordinate their interior design to match.

Demonstrate your Creativity

Getting creative with your own home is the best way to demonstrate your skills to potential new customers. Take a look around your own home and change up the style. Take good quality photographs of your finished rooms and make a portfolio of your work. When targeting people having new double glazing windows, try dressing up your own windows in a variety of different styles using fabrics, curtains and blinds. Take shots of these creations and include them on your flyers that are going through their doors.

Set up free blog where you can post your home makeover images. Make sure you take very good quality photographs with well-lit backgrounds to perfectly demonstrate your creative skills. Include your blog web address on your business cards and flyers so that potential new customers can check you out online.

Creating your portfolio can seem like a daunting task, but the value of having one will pay back your efforts ten-fold. Seeing is believing, as the saying goes. When you are starting out you will want to keep your fees quite low and offer to help out family and friends at cost price. But taking photographs of your finished work and adding them to your portfolio will be a great way to build up your experience and knowledge, as well as giving you valuable testimonials to show to your potential new clients.

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