Who and What Matter Most to Your Family? by Kimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)


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Continuing our exploration into envisioning your family’s fabulous future . . .

Step 3. WHAT MATTERS? According to a blizzard of studies, and my own observations of human beings over the past 50 years, the #1 that reason people don’t achieve their goals is that they don’t have goals. One reason? Fear of failure drives people to avoid clear goal-setting, or entices them into settling for fuzzy, ambiguous goals. Another cause of this aversion to goal-setting is the assumption something is impossible just because we don’t know how it might be achieved when we first imagine a goal. Continue reading

Being Great Project Leader with a Mortgage and Kids in College by Kimberly Wiefling, M.S.

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One of the strong beliefs that I have about effective project leadership is that it cannot be done by someone who has a mortgage, kids in college, or a spouse who doesn’t work. I don’t have kids, my spouse does work, and I am totally open to living in my car, if necessary. In my experience, a project leader must often operate in an environment where the very people who sign their paychecks are also the biggest obstacles to success. That’s why I developed Scrappy Project Management, a take-no-prisoners approach to getting the job done no matter what, with little or no regard for your own professional future beyond the end of the project.Continue reading