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What you NEED to SUCCEED in business is the 3 Ps:


A successful Product or service alone doesn’t guarantee a profit.

An efficient Process alone doesn’t guarantee it’s effective.

The missing ingredient is often People, which leads to this sad fact that most of your failures are predictable and avoidable!  In spite of the many challenges in today’s business landscape, however, research shows that the top reasons that teams fail to achieve their goals are:

#1: Unclear Goals (or non-existent goals)
#2: Unclear Communication
#3: Unclear Priorities

How ridiculous is that??!!  I  help you and your team to have both the SKILL and the WILL to steer clear of these predictable and avoidable causes of failure.  Why fail for these same boring reasons?!!  Make new and more exciting mistakes as you “fail forward” in the direction of your goals.

Plenty of research also shows that, by using innovative techniques and strategic project management methodologies, companies can significantly increase their chances of success. In fact, companies that applied a project management approach met or exceeded their own goals more than 70% of the time, while those using traditional approaches achieved their goals less than 40% of the time on average.

But knowing “HOW” changes NOTHING!  You must take ACTION.

If knowing HOW were enough, we’d all be rich and thin! My team (yes, there are others!) and I don’t spend your time and money to tell you what you already know! Most positive change is a matter of effectively implementing what is already known, “crossing the knowing-doing gap.” If you are ready to get unstuck, transform challenges into opportunities, and get breakthrough results that currently seem highly unlikely or darned near impossible!

I have a long track record of success and oodles of passionate supporters who testify to the transformative impact she’s had on their business and their lives.  My consulting, coaching, workshops, keynote speaking and books help you “Get Scrappy!”  Now more than ever, business leaders are under the gun to deliver results with fewer resources, and amidst tougher, often global, competition.  The rest of the world is not waiting for the economy to improve or the situation to become more favorable.  Your competition is moving NOW!  You’d better stay on top of your game.  You can’t afford to be satisfied with today’s success.  You must plan for tomorrow, and that requires personal and professional leadership on a scale that most companies assume is not possible.  Well, it is, which is good news for you if you are willing to change into the kind of organization you need to become to survive and thrive.

Business leaders need not choose between enabling a higher quality of life for their people and a highly profitable business. We’ll help you how implement effective business practices to:

  • increase productivity
  • increase customer delight
  • dramatically improve the quality of life for both you and your people
  • deliver 30% or more greater profitability

Contact me for a free initial consultation to find out how we can be your allies in producing transformation and breakthrough results in your business.

No Risk. No Obligation. No Kidding. or 650 867 0847

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